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Seminar "On the threshold of APEC 2017"
In order to equip basic knowledge about APEC and APEC 2017, in the morning of 03/11/2017, at People's Committee hall, Dien Ban Town People's Committee in cooperation with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Da Nang (VCCI Da Nang) held a seminar "On the threshold of APEC 2017".
Dien Ban recorded high achievement in the 8th Quang Nam Sport Games, 2017-2018.
On 21/09/2017, the Organizing Board of Dien Ban Sport Game has set up a team of athletes to participate in the XXI traditional cross-country race of Quang Nam Newspaper Open and win the Agribank Cup in 2017. This is the event in the program of the 8th Quang Nam Provincial Games, 2017-2018 took place in Tam Ky city.
New development journey of Dien Ban Town
Ending 5-year plan from 2011 to 2015, Dien Ban district - is now the town - has achieved comprehensive achievements in all fields: social - economic, defense and security. The total production value of the whole economy increased 13% compared with 2014; total development investment increased 19%. Industrial density accounted for 92% of gross output. The total state budget revenue in the province reached 882 billion VND, up to 11%. Culture and society have prospered, social security policy is maintained; security - defense is maintained social safety order is assured; people's lives were developed... In which, … achievement that Dien Ban district was recognized the town with level 4 urban and is the leading unit which Quang Nam province is proposing the Government recognized the town achieved new rural standard in 2015.
Escape From poverty
In Dien Ban, every year, more than 1000 farmers achieved the title "Good farmers in excellent production and business" at all levels. Among them, there is a household of Mr. Tran Huu Quoc and Mrs. Huynh Thi Dong at Block Co An 2, Dien Nam Dong Ward that was from a poor family has grown to have a prosperous life.
The memory house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi – A place inspire patriotic feeling
In the war, heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi became a symbol of patriotism, the sacrifice, strong fighting spirit for Vietnam young generation and international friends against the aggressors. Today, that spirit and that symbol has still existed and spreaded.
The tomb of the Provine chief Hoang Dieu
Located in Xuan Dai Village, Dien Quang Commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Provine, the tomb of Provine chief Hoang Dieu was recognized as National historical monument in 1993.
The house of Vietnam Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu
Located in Xom Rung Village, Thanh Quyt Hamlet, Dien Thang Trung Commune, Dien Ban District, the house of Vietnam Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu is the destination of educating patriotic spirit, revolutionary tradition and national pride.
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