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Dien Ban Electricity focuses on improving the quality of service and customer care in the industrial zone.
Recently, Dien Ban Electricity focused on the maintenance, repairing and raising the electrical power in Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc industrial zone at an appropriate time without interrupting the business activities of enterprises. This is a necessary job, creating trust between customers in the electricity industry.
Town Dien Ban organized the Sports Girls Volleyball Eighth Congress, 2017
Implementation Plan 138 / KH-PSC dated 10.11.2016 of the Steering Committee of the General Assembly held town sport Eighth Dien Ban, 2017; Plan No. 06 / KH-PSC dated 11/01/2017 on the organization of sport in the agenda of the Congress of Sports Town Eighth Dien Ban, 2017. Women's Union, in collaboration with the Center for VH town Center has organized the women's volleyball at the University Sports Festival Eighth town, in 2017.
Scientific Workshop "Thanh Chiem Palace and Vietnamsese script"
In the morning of 08.24.2016, in Le Belhamy Hội An Resort (Điện Bàn, Quảng Nam), Quảng Nam People's Committee in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Vietnam Union of Science Scientific organised scientific workshop "Thanh Chiem palace and Vietnamese script ". With the chairmanship of Professor Dr. Tran Quoc Khanh (Deputy Minister of Science and Technology), Historian Duong Trung Quoc, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep (Institute of Linguistics) and Dr. Le Van Thanh - Vice Chairman of Quang Nam province, Mr. Tran Uc - Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Dien Ban People's Committee.
Continuing to write village story (part 2)
Continuing to write the story of village It is neccessary to receive the investment supports from goverment, professional departments of levels, international and cooperation organizations, representative of heart individuals. Especially, with subject role, Triem Tay people play an important role to lead the village story to a new page on the spirit of sharing, co-responsibility
Continuing to write village story (part 1)
Community tourism (CT) is not new story of tourism industry in general as well as Quang Nam in particular. However, in Dien Ban, Triem Tay community tourism is model orienting for a new tourism product in the district.
Old people have preserved craft
Starting a business when they were girls in the age of sixteen, seventeen, up to now they always have strong attachment to craft which need to get up early and stay up late although they were over fifty years old with white hair. Those women are still silently make “the fire” at trade villages in Dien Ban land.
Workshop orienting in association with Da Nang and Hoi An to sustainably develop urban Dien Ban.
In 2014, District People's Committee coordinated with the Vietnam Urban Planning & Development Association and the Center for Central Research and Development to organize workshops with the topic "Orienting in association with Da Nang and Hoi An to sustainably develop urban Dien Ban".
Other news
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