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History and Culture

A “sacred” land
Many people talked about the “sacred” factors of Dien Ban land, but detailedly saying is the hardly possible thing. Under the Mac dynasty, Duong Van An discussed in the book “Ô Châu cận lục” when he was writing about Thuan Quang land: “There were these rivers and mountains, these characters when heaven and earth appeared. Because after heaven and earth had opened, rivers and mountains appeared, these personalities were born after there were rivers and mountains”
“Sacred land” produces “Extraordinary people”
From the time of Nguyen Lord, Dien Ban has contributed many candidates for country.
The political geography through historical periods
According to “Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi” (Intergrated Notes on the Great Viet Nam) by National History of the Nguyen Dynasty, the ancient Dien Ban land belonged to the Viet Thuong Thi land of Hung Kings. However, the Chinese feudal had invaded and dominated Viet Nam, Dien Ban (Quang Nam) had the same fate.

Industrial clusters


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