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Tourist and comercial areas

Maintaining for the future
Dien Ban is a convergence of many values of culture and history. Dien Ban has the continuation, interferometry, development from Sa Huynh culture, Champa culture to Vietnamese culture helping to created patriotic tradition, the siprit against the the aggressors. There are many great names of history, many patriots in Dien Ban.
Triem Tay tourism - Model of community-based and responsible tourism product.
Although this model has not officially put into operation yet, Triem Tay community tourism "brand" is attracting many local and tourists to visit and learn about management model and services of the village.
Passion for fire soil
Mr. Le Tuat, who is in Dong Khuong village, is often called Giao Tuat. When he was 20 years old, he was the first secretary of Duy Xuyen District Party Committee in 1930. He took an active part in the revolutionary movement when he was a teacher. He had a burning desire to open a terracotta bowl oven while in prison. Thus, after he came out of prison, he opened a terracotta bowl oven in Quang Nam.
1/500 detailed planning for Ha My Beach Resort - Dien Duong Commune
- Ha My Beach Project - Dien Duong Commune is a project of the People's Committee of Dien Ban District as an investor.
The detailed planning (1/2000) of Bo Bo eco-tourism resort
1. Detailed planning (1/2000) of Bo Bo eco-tourism resort: - Planning area: 215 ha - The functional areas in this tourism resort:

Industrial clusters


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