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Dien Ban - mark of 5 years of new rural construction
Author: Van Men, Trans: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 05/10/2016 .Views: 907 lượt. [Print]
After 5 years of implementing the national target program to build new rural (2011-2015) with with the participation of all political system, the general consensus of the people, Dien Ban has achieved proud results: Villages are prospered; infrastructure is being upgraded; income and living conditions of the people is improved and enhanced; the political system at the grassroots are continuing to be consolidated ...

In 2014, Dien Ban has 3 communes which completed new rural standard. By the end of 2015, the whole town has a total of 10/13 communes were recognized reaching new rural standard by Provincial People's Committee,  3 remaining communes will strive to meet the standards in 2016. On 03.29.2016, the Prime Minister has issued Decision No. 494 / QD-TTg recognized Dien Ban town reaching new rural standard 2015. In 2016-2020 period, Dien Ban town will continue to implement land consolidation in 19 communes with an area of ​​3,560 ha, the budget is estimated at 1501.2 billion.
Looking back at the start of the program to build new rural, Dien Ban face huge problems. Many people including officials and party members. Many people including officials and members have the mindset to expect on the state budget to build infrastructure. Coordination between departments and agencies in implementing the programs was still passive and didn't have  higher unity.
Although new rural construction task in communal level is decision problem, directing of the locals was not drastic, confidential. Demand for investment capital in new rural program implementation was limited and  could not meet the needs of each locality. On the other hand, the life of people in rural areas faced many difficulties due to  the low unstable prices of agricultural products, mobilizing socialization funds faced many obstacles. Facilities in many rural communities are poverty and backwardness. Besides, the degradation of the environment and inter-village road systems ...
Mr. Phan Minh Dũng, Vice Chairman of Điện bàn District People's Committee, Deputy New Rural Steering Committee said: In the process of implementing the program to build new rural, Dien Ban met so many difficulties and obstacles; the biggest challenge in the early days embarking the programs is that people do not really understand the problem, don't see the responsibility to participate in building new rural at residential areas where they are living. Another obstacle of the local was natural elements. Dien Ban located downstream Vu Gia - Thu Bon with low-lying terrain so Dien Ban often suffered several waves of storms and floods  affecting living of people, production was serious damage.
And boosts
Identifying new rural construction is a long key political task, in the process of program implementation, Dien Ban has "turned" the difficulties and challenges into development dynamics. From the early days, People's Committee set up New Rural Steering Committee in order to strengthen guidance and inspection. Every week, Party Committee, People's Committee held regular meeting and urge communes on the implementation progress to  help remove difficulties and obstacles bring practical results.

With more than 1,257 billion mobilized capital, Dien Ban town has focused on the construction of socio - economic infrastructure, production development, and raising incomes for the people, poverty reduction 5 years ago. Many muddy narrow village roads, office buildings, cultural houses, health centers deteriorated has been actively implementing mechanisms to support concrete, mobilizing internal force under the motto "State and people working together" to concrete, expanded routes. The town has invested in new building new, upgrading and repairing 140.685 km rural roads,  118.670 km inland transportation, 02.405 km of canals type III were solidification, building upgrading 9 pumping stations.
Many programs on jointly sustainable poverty reduction was be implemented as well as vocational training programs for children of policy family; health insurance cards for the poor, excellent business peasant movement, the women's movement helping each other to develop economic.... so that the poverty rate in the town was decreasing. Currently, average poverty rate of 13 communes fell 3.63%, down 6.11% compared with 5 years ago. The economic structure shifted towards positive. The economic structure shifted towards positive, agricultural production continues to grow in the direction of commodity production and growth, initially concentrated production areas formed and associated with investments and the application of science and technology so yield and quality of crops increased significantly. The political system is strengthened and enhanced, grassroots democracy is promoted, political security, social order and safety is maintained in the town.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Choi - Manager of Economic Office said: New rural construction program was implemented in 13 communes, the number of communes more than 14 criterias as prescribed was 3/13 communes, the percentage of 23%. income and poverty are two criterias which were particularly interested by the town in the process of building new rural. To complete these two criterias, we focused on directing, organizing the mobilization of resources, attracting businesses to solve local labor resources last time. Whereby capita income in 13 communes reached VND 26.6 million increasing  approximately VND 11.2 million compared to 2011.
Needing long-term solutions ...
5 years ago, the new rural construction program implementation in Dien Ban brought great benefits. Besides that, there still exists in terms of state management because  social and political system in many local was incompetent, missing manager, awareness  and thinking were still weak in building new rural ... From this fact, Dien ban should have long-term effective solutions to maximize available advantages creating "pedal" for socio-economic development in localities. The advocacy needs to be enhanced and focused to officials and the people fully understand the meaning of responsibility, importance  obligation of the program. Especially, subject role of people needs to promote in order to actively participate in building new rural with the motto: ""people know, people discuss, people do and people check and enjoy"
Speaking at a conference to review the five-year new rural construction, Mr. Le Tri Thanh, Vice chairman of Quang Nam province stressed that localities needs to focus on overcoming the existing difficulties in the process of building new rural in local in the next time.
5-year journey to built new rural in Dien Ban is not so long but with achieved results, we can believe and expect a prospered vast countryside picture, a new rural become more and more prosperous and civilized.

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