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Author: Dinh Thi Hiep; Translate: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 04/03/2016 .Views: 1687 lượt. [Print]
Dien Ban is a convergence of many values of culture and history. Dien Ban has the continuation, interferometry, development from Sa Huynh culture, Champa culture to Vietnamese culture helping to created patriotic tradition, the siprit against the the aggressors. There are many great names of history, many patriots in Dien Ban.

With tradition "When drinking water, remember who dug the well", Dien Ban always cares for monuments and protects them after the liberation. Especially, Dien Ban focuses on the monuments that are tombs of the patriots of the late 19th century and the beginning of 20 century.
The tomb of the Provine Chief Hoang Dieu has been conserved of more than 100 years in Xuan Dai village, Dien Quang commune by the people and the family. In 1882,Quang Nam Da Nang Department of Culture and Information rebuilt the tomb. However, because the monument was located in the flood bottom area and it was not built strongly, it seriously deteriorated. In this situation, in 4/1998, the Ministry of Culture and Information, Hanoi People's Committee, Quang Nam People's Committee, Dien Ban district, Dien Quang commune and Hoang Dieu family invested VND 300 million in rebuilding his tomb spaciously.

In 1989, Pham Phu Thu tomb monument was located among the rice field of Dong Ban village, Dien Trung commune. It was been severely deteriorated and it was rebuilt from the budgets of Quang Nam Da Nang provine (old). From that foundation, Pham Phu Thu's family has promoted tradition, enhanced the sense of responsibility to join hands with the state to protect and embellish his tomb. His family regularly  paints the tomb, repairs and cleans well and beautifully on the day of Thanh Minh, his particular anniversary every year.
Patriot Tran Quy Cap had sacrificed his life for the people, for the country. His name and his career has brought honor to gold history. However, his tomb was destroyed  by war bombs in Go Buom cemetery, Bat Nhi village, Dien Phuoc commune. There was just only simple foundation. In 1991, the advocacy committee restoring the tomb of Tran Quy Cap was established including Dien Phuoc commune government, Dien Ban district and his family. With the money collected and the support of Quang Nam People's Committee with VND 40 million, Tran Quy Cap's tomb was rebuilt and was inaugurated on 01.12.1995.
Dien Ban has many priceless spiritual assets including 5 national monuments and 44 provincial-level monuments. Dien Ban's efforts in mobilizing the monument restoration fund are great. However, Dien Ban has many monuments damaged, in which many monuments are in danger of serious damaged; monument restoration fund still face many difficulties.

Implementing Decision No. 3905 / QD-UBND of Quang Nam People's Committee on "the Project for urgently restoring provincial level monuments", Dien Ban has the plan on restoring provincial level monuments follow each year. Therefore, many communes seizes the initiative in the restoration and they do well work of socialization.

Ngia Trung Vien, Mieu That Vi (in Trung Phu 1 hamlet) and the old house of Mr Nguyen Nho Phan (in Bong Lai hamlet of Dien Minh commune) are preserved original elements, so the restoration need a large budget. In the process of restoration, the designs must be appraised in on details. The damaged items not re-used must be restored follow original state and textures, materials, and sizes. Needing to have equivalent materials in case of scarce materials and implementation agencies must be have certificate of being able to restore monuments. Thus, in the economic conditions of the town, local people's life is still difficult. That made a lot of localities worry very much. Simultaneously with the implementation of the project, the restoration and embellishment are done according to a process, an unified plan in the entire province. That avoids the spontaneous restoration in some localities. The fund from socialization and budget of the project is used efficiently for the right purposes.

According to the project, many ruins of Dien Ban are supported to build the stones. Localities use local budget and mobilization in people in order to contribute to the fund of the project building spacious stones such as Cam Lon (in Dien Tien commune), Vuon Bien Hoa (in Diem Phong commune) ...

Some communes and wards have mobilized more resources from Dien Ban people association in Ho Chi Minh city, Hà Noi city and Da nang city in order to have the fund for restoring and upgrading of the relics. From 2011 to 2015, many relics were spaciously upgraded from social mobilization such as Truong Cong Hy's tomb monument (Dien Thang Trung commune), Dinh family temple monuments (Dien Duong commune), Phan Thanh Tai's tomb monument (Vinh Dien ward)...

In 2011-2015 period, Dien Ban had 12 monument repaired. The provincial budget according to the project was 1 billion 870 million, reciprocal funding of the town was 145 million VND, reciprocal funding of communes was 287.6 million, socialization fund was 445 million. In addition, in 2015 Dien Ban Town People's Committee also repaired two monuments including the Tomb of Provincial Chief Hoang Dieu with VND 198 million (VND 150 million from the town and VND 48 million from Dien Quang commune) and Bo Bo Hill with VND 200 million from the Youth Union members and Dien Ban Veterans on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Bo Bo victory (1954-2014).

Continuing implementation of gratitude to our ancestors, "the Project for urgently restoring provincial level monuments in period 2016-2020" according to Decision No.  3486/QĐ-UBND of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee. Accordingly, the funding for restoration is also increased higher than he period 2011-2015. According to this scheme, Dien Ban with 11 monuments including 2 national monuments, 9 provincial-level monuments will be invested in restoring and 10 monuments will be supported to build the stones with funding of VND 5.6 billion from PPC. Dien Ban Town People's Committee has plan for monument restoration with the funding of nearly VND 2 billion. This is an urgent issue to make plan, tasks and measures of restoration and enhance the value of monuments, act against degradation, sustainably protect existing monument system. Each historical - cultural monument which is renovated has confirmed the the honor of today's generation with the past and the foundation to preserve the local culture  for future generations.

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