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New development journey of Dien Ban Town
Author: Tran Uc; Translate: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 05/02/2016 .Views: 1332 lượt. [Print]
Ending 5-year plan from 2011 to 2015, Dien Ban district - is now the town - has achieved comprehensive achievements in all fields: social - economic, defense and security. The total production value of the whole economy increased 13% compared with 2014; total development investment increased 19%. Industrial density accounted for 92% of gross output. The total state budget revenue in the province reached 882 billion VND, up to 11%. Culture and society have prospered, social security policy is maintained; security - defense is maintained social safety order is assured; people's lives were developed... In which, … achievement that Dien Ban district was recognized the town with level 4 urban and is the leading unit which Quang Nam province is proposing the Government recognized the town achieved new rural standard in 2015.

The above achievement is the pride of the Party, the Government and the People of Dien Ban town during building and developing process, creating a new psychosphere for the local in the transition period. But also seeing that the urban upgrading and management model transformation from the district to the town, some communes to wards; achieving the Town that accomplished the goal of building new countryside is just the first step. Urban and rural standard still had criteria but unsustainable, some urban criteria are not reached standard, should strive more, especially the criteria for the infrastructure, the landscape, the cultural - civilized lifestyle...
Like the plan operating solution in 2016-2020 period of Quang Nam province, Dien Ban town has to focus on 3 breakthrough priorities: building infrastructure, developing human resources and improving investment environment to build a development town.
The first, the prior resources for developing the infrastructure: the public investment resources for dynamic projects that make up the connectivity and spreading development, which the transportation is the key. In the beginning of 2016,  Dien Ban should do the ground clearance immediately to deploy the urban road project of Vinh Dien - the junction of bypass, the road project DH4 (Dien An - Dien Thang Bac) and the construction of DH, DX. Performing the ground clearance to the Government completed highway soon - through the Town to connect with Da Nang-Quang Ngai axis road through DT 609 intersection; to accelerate the projects such as: DT 607 to Thuong Tin intersection, DT 609 road from Vinh Dien to Ai Nghia (including new 4 km axis road from Vinh Dien market to Dien Phuoc), DT 605 road to the Cam Ly intersection; Hamlet 3 road - Dien Ngoc. Private resources or public-private partnerships are encouraged to invest in urban development projects in Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc urban zone, Vinh Dien urban area, Dien An... deployed building Thanh Quyt market zone, Vien Dong beach infrastructure, the coastal tourism projects.
In the middle of 2016, the urban development program will be adjusted, the architecture management regulation will be enacted; the planning and management regulations of  the cemeteries will be established that contribute to the urban management and development more harmonious. To promote the mobilization  in investment building resources, the People's Committee of Dien Ban town has issued the mechanism to supporting to investment in technical - infrastructure, socio-cultural  infrastructure; making cultural institution to ensuring civilized urban construction, new rural construction.
For the industry, in 2016, province and town’s public investment are concentrated to complete the infrastructure of An Luu Industrial Complex. The following years, investing to Cam Son, Trang Nhat, Thuong Tin Industrial Complex in turn. Trading and service sector, public investment only support the upgrading of existing markets to active in fire protection, environmental hygiene; for tourism, the public investment is  primary technical assistance for community tourism development...
Developing human resources, focusing on labor and employment scheme, educational development scheme and improving management capacity of the officers and… in the administration state. In the next 5 years, the issue of vocational training and job creation will be specified in accordance with the Decree of  People’s Council has approved, in particular interest in the East wards for land acquisition for urban development projects, tourism projects. Vocational training must be linked to employment address of each company, in association with the growth forecast of agricultural – rural sector and the needs of workers’ job changing.

Improving investment climate to enhance competitiveness in Town’s specific conditions is the ground clearance and resettlement - is the point task of the political system in 2016 and the next years. Many dynamic projects in coastal Dien Duong such as Co Co paradise project, North Hoi An project, Blush club... request deploying ground soon. This is an important  task but also a responsibility, is the opportunity that we have in the difficult conditions of the general economy in attracting investment. Continuing to strengthen the facility and departments organization; promoting the reform of administrative procedures in general and in attracting investment; the Government associates with the business first and throughout the manufacturing process, share together, remove the difficulties for enterprises to develop.
The second, in the agriculture and rural field: continuing to improve and enhance the standard for achieving new rural construction; all departments and levels direct  to implement effectively the Scheme to Restructure the Agricultural sector. Emphasising the program "Regrouping of lands", improving the fields, building big fields. From 2016, the implementation of rural transportation programs, inland transportation, canal solidification of communes and wards will be adjusted in order to priority investing in the local which has done well the program "Regrouping of lands", field improvement, big field building.
Continuing implementing the mechanisms and policies of the Government to support the agricutural development well, especially in implementing Decree No. 210/2013/ND-CP on attracting businesses to invest in the agricultural sector. Strengthening the environmental management groups at the communes and wards. Mobilizing the people and promoting waste charges to ensure affordability, maintain and do better the Scheme Collecting and treating solid waste in period 2016-2020.
Climate change has negative impacted on our country directly in general and in particular in out town. We need to active in building disaster prevention plan in order to reducing the lowest loss of people life and property due to natural disasters. While searching for investment source for salt protected barrage of Ngan Cau  project, we should mobilize the businesses that are exploiting natural resources to support the temporary barrage. On the other hand, we collaborate with the province to control the sand exploitation; continue to consolidate the rule team,  Environment and Nature division and improve local government responsibility; raise the community awareness in environmental protection.
The third, continuing to implemt the People’s Council’s Decrees on the education and training development, sport development, radio development... For the education, we diversify gradually from investing schools to the people and teaching facilities; implementing solutions to improve education quality synchronously. Reviewing a decentralized mechanism for monitoring and evaluating the navigation quality and floating and arranging the managers, employees, teachers. With investing the teaching facilities, examination of managers, teacher recruitment will be done. For the students, increasing life skills education; teaching life skills, foreign languages... We should recommend the province continuing to invest for health sector in this developing stage. Dien Ban People's Committee is together with the local authorities and the businesses building development plan to provide clean water under Provincial Council has approved.
Continuing to implement the policy and plan for the people who had contributed for the revolution; implementing policies to support the poor households out of poverty sustainably. Reviewing and completing the  procedures to solve the regulation of war invalids, martyr for those who do not have relatives with Circular No. 28 in Dien Hoa, Dien Nam Dong, Dien Ngoc... From 2016,  Division of Labour - War invalids  - Social Affairs has closed coordination with the Social Insurance issue the health insurance card in time for the objects; stop the delay, inconvenience or identical level in recent years.
The fourth, all levels and all divisions from the town to the communes, wards and hamlets have to enhance resource mobilization for developing with saving spending . The planning and implementation of financial plans, construction plans must be complied with the provisions of the Public Investment Law, Construction Law, Land Law, tax laws ...
This year, the Town tax, finance, Treasury have worthwhile contributions in the  expense collection and administration. Thus the total budget in whole town exceeded highest in last 5 years; resolved the current expenditures and investment construction. However, the revenues have not yet sustainable by the province used land fees under the general mechanism. Sustainable revenues still remained from value-added tax, income tax of organizations and individuals. Therefore, increasing revenues and ensuring the payment balance requires performing solutions synchronously. The tax division further pushes in adminstrative reform of tax field. Focusing on collecting outstanding tax debts, resource tax, VAT and CIT tax  of the exploiting natural resources companies, the current building (highway road projects, public investment projects in the town). We provided land price auction under the town’s jurisdiction in Ha My, Viem Dong...
Local authorities should pay more attention to collecting fees and charges. Focusing on waste charges, fees for the market... has ensured internal balance. Continuing to strengthen the organizational structure to spending saving regularly.
The fifth, a real worried situation that is the robbery, gambling, drugs situation complicated. Thus, in the first quarter of 2016, Dien Ban People's Committee along with Vietnamese Fatherland Front and the unions, Town’s police will assess the quality of movement to protect national security, movement of building a crime prevention residential ... Thereby, building and deploying medium-term plan to ensure security, social safety and order. This plan is depoyed regularly with final evaluation to analyze and praise in time. Recommending the local leaders interested in creating best conditions for the Police Departments that established have a living, working place - while waiting for new construction office.
To reduce traffic accidents, the maintenance of roads from town to village has been performed regularly; installing of the signs, the signals in the accident area. Besides, enhancing the inspection and resolutely handle the overload and oversized trucks; the transports in dropping rocks and sands causing environmental pollutions; timely handling of the situation of illegal construction, encroachment on pavements in order to retake the order, and discipline construction.
Despite many difficulties and challenges, with the consent of the people with the determination and efforts at all levels, we believe that in 2016 and in 2016-2020 period  are a period of opportunity for Dien Ban to further develop. /.

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