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Escape From poverty
Author: Dang Huu Ly; Translate: Thanh Binh .Posted date: 05/02/2016 .Views: 1197 lượt. [Print]
In Dien Ban, every year, more than 1000 farmers achieved the title "Good farmers in excellent production and business" at all levels. Among them, there is a household of Mr. Tran Huu Quoc and Mrs. Huynh Thi Dong at Block Co An 2, Dien Nam Dong Ward that was from a poor family has grown to have a prosperous life.

Tran Huu Quoc (born in 1964) and Huynh Thi Dong (born in 1963) was the same village, marraged in 1989. In the first time, the couple was going up from a bare hand, built a small house on the sandy dunes, received 7 rice fields, feeding pigs and plan vegetables in the garden.

Mr. Quoc has been a blind person since high school, did not keep up with the classmates, and was the poor who had no money for treatment to continue going to school, he had to quit to help his family, because he has had elder parent... With bright diligent, hard working, the couple has gradually overcome the difficult time, especially since his blindness has been heavy increasingly, had difficult moving. His family has 3 growing children. Many sleepless nights, he could not find the way out, he lamented: Có ai biết bao đêm dài trăn trở / Thương phận mình ánh sáng chẳng còn đâu... (Does anyone know how long harness night without the light by himself)

Time has passed, through a friend’s introduction, he was learn braille and moved by cane and heared the around activities by Dien Ban Blind Association. The classroom was held by Viet Nam National Central Blind Association. Thus his traveling easier, he had the opportunity to make the teaching of Uncle Ho's “Down but not out”. He received toothpicks, brushes to earn extra income to support their family. In 2000, he built a fish pond under the model of tarpaulin spread on the sand lake, Mrs. Dong has both planted vegetables and bought fish to sell in the markets. Their economy has been improved than before.

Their business has been advantage when Dien Ban is on the road of innovation, advantage transportation, agricultural production gradually in industrialization, the scientific and technical progresses that is applied in production is the mechanization in the field so that the farm working does not strenuous. Further more, industrial economy develop, the selling services is improving. They borrowed the bank capital by the trust of all association (The Blind Association, the Women's Union Association) to focus on most of time in fish breeding tied to purchasing freshwater fish serving the market in some markets: Dien Ngoc, Danang and the restaurants of Dien Nam Dien Ngoc industrial zone and expand to other regions. To promptly demand , they bought a small truck in order to purchasing and transporting fresh fish to ensure quality and credibility with customers.
By efficient business, their economy is growing, each year after subtracting expenses, their income remains from 90 to 100 million VND, solving jobs for 2 local labors. After more than 25 years of hard working, hard times, they had saved to buy a plot area of 500 square meters, located on DH9 road - Dien Ban town - in Dien Nam Dong ward and built a new 2-floor house that worth nearly 900 million VND. Their children have grown up and have a stable job.
Tran Huu Quoc and Huynh Thi Dong household was achieved the award "Good farmers in excellent production and business"  for years by Dien Ban Farmer Association. He has a happy life now, Mr. Tran Huu Quoc rang again:

Giờ đây tôi như người sinh lại,

Mắt mờ còn khối óc, đôi tay

Nhà cửa khang trang đầy phương tiện,

Cuộc sống gia đình lắm đổi thay

(It means: Now I like being born again; Blurred vision while minds, hands; Nice house full of vehicles; Family life really changed!)

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