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Triem Tay tourism - Model of community-based and responsible tourism product.
Author: Khanh Linh; Translate: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 03/02/2016 .Views: 2947 lượt. [Print]
Although this model has not officially put into operation yet, Triem Tay community tourism "brand" is attracting many local and tourists to visit and learn about management model and services of the village.

Triem Tay community tourism project was officially launched in July 2014, so far Triem Tay village (Dien Phuong commune, Dien Ban town) is initially established position and "brand" on the tourist map of Quang Nam. From the support of two international organizations UNESCO, ILO and all levels, departments of towns, many items and project work have been completed with positive results.

Through training skills on tourism, people’s awareness on the community tourism  has been raised significantly. In particular, the improvement of infrastructure services, tourism products such as boat docks, hamlet roads, community gardens, community culture house, homestay, trade village experiance, fishing,  cruising on the river, listening to folk songs ...  have brought for the village a new theme contributing to create Triem Tay tourism picture more attractive in the eyes of visitors. To bring out desired effects, responsibility community of all levels, departments, local joining in the project is the most important factor beside the consensus of the people and the support of international organizations. The last goal is promoting Triem Tay tourism to create livelihood and improve people's life. 

Up to now, the project has attracted nearly 10 units and departments of Dien Ban town participating together with a total budget of around 6 billions. In particular, beside the contributions of people (120 million) and the support of international organizations (2.45 billion), approximately VND 3.3 billion are mobilized from many sources such as the tourism development projects of the town, new rual construction, training, employment development. "Dien Ban town encourages departments having responsibility with Triem Tay through the utilization of funds for development of each unit as environmental resources, infrastructure economy, agriculture and rural development ... This is particular thing in the project for developing Triem Tay community tourism of Dien Ban", Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha – vice chairman of Dien Ban town people’s committee said. According to Mr. Ha, though this is only the initial success, this approach confirmed the right direction in tourist development strategy now as well as in the next years. That is developing sustainable tourism and having responsible for all primary beneficiaries are the local people. "From the success of Triem Tay community tourism village, we will continue to replicate in other places in the town. The first will develop in Go Noi in order to create the spread" said Mr. Ha.

We can find that, the approach with Triem Tay community tourism model has the difference right from the start compared with  other localities in Quang Nam. Most clearly express is the concern and determination of Dien Ban in the Triem Tay tourism development goal. In particular, establishing the tourism promotion information of town with officials in charge of tourism is completely new compared to other places. As a result, many resources, work items of the project have been implemented effectively  especially in planning the project, plan, promotion and communication. Triem Tay photos have filled in news media and the press... Tourism communty villages in the province such as Tra Nhieu, My Son (Duy Xuyen), Zara (Nam Giang), Bho Hoong, Dhroong (Dong Giang) ... have not done yet.
The testing tour sightseeing Triem Tay village recently held in Triem Tay with the attendance of many tour operators. Most of them appreciated this tourism product and services of the village. Mr. Duong Minh Binh - Chairman of the Board of Management of Tourist Community Development Consultant Investment Company (Ho Chi Minh city) recognized that Triem Tay has a great advantage compared to many other places. Beside located near Hoi An - a tourist center of the central region, the most valuable product of village tourism is the rustic of local people that is very hard to see in community tourism village at present. "Triem Tay looks like a shy charming girl. That will bring up the main attraction for visitors to visit the village," Mr. Binh said. In fact, although Triem Tay has not officially put into operation, many students and volunteers domestic and international come to Triem Tay to research, work or organize meaningful activities such as free medical examination, guide organic agriculture pratice, teach Enghlish for local people ...Thus, Triem Tay is more and more  approachable in the eyes of visitors.
According to Mr. Ho Tan Cuong - Deputy Director of Quang Nam Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, with tourism potential and geographical advantages, especially near Hoi An as well as supports of International Labour Organization and UNESCO, the project for developing Triem Tay community tourism village will bring up a pure Vietnamese village tourism product helping visitors to experience cultural ecological values, unique trade villages, produce cohesion in a community, contribute to gradually shifting the structure of branches and trades, improving the economic life of local people, becoming pilot model of the new rural construction combined with community-based tourism development, creating a premise for general community tourism development of the town as well as the province in the next time. In addition, through training courses about approaches to tourist service business knowledge has helped people to use effectively local resources towards the conservation and promotion of Triem Tay cultural values, turning the available resources into products and services to serve visitors, increase the accessibility to social services, improve infrastructure, improve the material and spiritual life for people here. "I think that the most success of the project is changing people's awareness; enhancing community responsibility; improving the environment and landscape. Especially, the mobilization of resources to complete road infrastructure, embankment to prevent landslides for the village, improve ecological environment ... is the most positive result of Triem Tay that  other localities need to consult when implementing community-based tourism model" Mr. Cuong said.
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