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Passion for fire soil
Author: Dat Nung, Translate: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 01/02/2016 .Views: 1301 lượt. [Print]
Mr. Le Tuat, who is in Dong Khuong village, is often called Giao Tuat. When he was 20 years old, he was the first secretary of Duy Xuyen District Party Committee in 1930. He took an active part in the revolutionary movement when he was a teacher. He had a burning desire to open a terracotta bowl oven while in prison. Thus, after he came out of prison, he opened a terracotta bowl oven in Quang Nam.

That oven was named Viet Quang, a financial center of Xu uy Trung Ky at that time. Viet Quang oven was famous for bowls, dishes all over the central provinces  including the bowl of Phu Chiem noodles. This oven was renamed, changed owner many times and it existed until 1962. In 1980, he recognized as the first people making porcelain by the Department of industry of Quang Nam Da Nang (old).

At the end of his life he dreamed of building a small oven in his grandparent's land. His passion was handed down his 11th son - Mr. Le Duc Ha. Leaving K battle field after 4 years, in 1982 Ha went back to the village with empty hands. His father has passed on. He alone cherished a dream. Nearly 7 years, he went a long to learn and work for many pottery ovens from North to South. In 1989, he came back to Dong Khuong village.  It's really difficult periods, he did many jobs to gain living. However, fire soil always is his obsession. He spent his life with many ups and downs, his work is more and more developing. He began from lumps of clay in Go Dinh (Thanh Chiem) where he had done steal clay in order to study craft. His pottery workshop has developed fast an he has lots of experience in  business. Le Duc Ha Terracotta has become well known in the market. Moments that he has cherished, Le Duc Ha spent his whole life in kneading fire land of homeland. Rigorous attention to detail, Le Duc Ha  launched a line of very authentic Quang Nam products which do not look like anyone. Terracotta product line of Le Duc Ha has variety of colors without a little chemical. His products are sold everywhere from North to South with near 30 selling points. Those products were made in Ben Xich, Xom Bai Thuong of Dong Khuong village.

If Mr. Le Tuat was alive today, he would be very happy. His passion was handed down his son contributing to implementing the project for village tourism of Quang Nam recently. He will feel happier when he heard that his son ranked as one of the 16 Vietnamese craftsmen who were  awarded the title of eminent craftsman in 2013. According to information from his terracotta oven, a terracotta museum made of earthenware will be started in early spring. With the hope that from those passions will light up the small fire on the Hoi An - My Son street.

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