Identifying Dien Ban urban area - Orientation and investment solutions for sustainable development - Connecting with two cities Danang - Hoi An. (part 1)
Author: Dr. Architect. Tran Ngoc Chinh - Chairman of Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 06/08/2015 .Views: 1435 lượt.
I. The Prime Minister has approved national urban development program for 2012-2020 in Decision No. 1659 / QD - TTg on November 7, 2012 with the following main elements:

- National urban development must be in conformity with socio economic development strategy 2011-2020 reaching green economy to create socio economic development motivation, economic restructuring of local, regions and whole country must orientate towards industrialization and modernization.

- National urban development answers labor restructuring needs, population distribution between urban areas and rural areas, among socio economic areas; Using agricultural land for urban development must ensure food security requirements.

- Forming urban areas associated with coastal economic zones, the border of international economic integration and developing tourist urban system.

- Supporting and promoting the development of urban areas in mountainous areas, border, island, coastal area should adapt global climate change.

- Urban development is based on division of responsibilities and coordination mechanisms among urban centers in focal economic regions, large urban regions in order to promote opportunities and overcome challenges in using resources for  investing in development, creating spillover effects.

- Urban development is based on division of responsibilities and coordination mechanisms among urban centers in focal economic regions, large urban regions in order to promote opportunities and overcome challenges in using resources for  investing in development, creating spillover effects.

- Urban development is based on urban competition associating with improving capacity, management efficiency of urban administration at levels.

Apparently, national urban development strategies clearly show urban development being in comformity with socio economic development, focusing on population distribution in urban and rural areas, being interested in developing coastal economy development and strengthening urban competitiveness in the region and the word.

Central focal economic region, in which Da Nang is the center, has an important position in urbanization of our country. Planning for developing Da Nang city - the type 1 urban   of nation, needs have studies of large urban area. That has action on urban areas in the region. Quang Nam is top geographical economic space in the regional planning of large city. Dien Ban urban of Quang Nam has administrative location bordering on Da Nang to the south. Dien Ban has a position obstructing the top important space in the urbanization process, so the planning for developing Dien Ban urban can't apart from Da Nang's urbanization process and vice versa.

II. Identifying Dien Ban urban

2.1 Motivational cluster number 2 - Dien Ban urban has an important position in sustainable development.

Prime Minister's Decision on construction planning for Central focal economic region has determined motivational clusters basing on core urban areas of the region or Sub-region developing economic branches being associated with speeding up the process of urbanization. In particular, Dien Ban urban is in the motivational cluster 2 including: Chan May - Da Nang - (Dien Ngoc - Dien Nam) (in Dien Ban urban) and Hoi An, in which Da Nang is center of Central focal economic region. Quang Nam province has a fairly large area: 10.406 km2, an important strategic position in national socio economic development strategy, long coastline, boundary with Lao, Chu Lai open economic zone. On the other hand, only Quang Nam has two world cultural heritage Hoi An and My Son. Quang Nam has historical and cultural tradition, fortitude, resilient struggle tradition, typical heroes of the country such as: Tran Thi Ly, Nguyen Van Troi ... Dien Ban has 18.773 martyrs, 7236 war invalids, 520 sick soldiers and 1.611 Viet Nam heroic mothers. Dien Ban had the most losses in the war, the number of Vietnam heroic mothers and martyrs are the most in the country. Especially, Vietnam heroic mother Nguyen Thi Thu (Dien Thang) had 9 sons who are martyrs.

Located in the north of Quang Nam province, Dien Ban has coastline and it is situated between two cities Da Nang and Hoi An with important national roads (national railway, 1A national road, highway, Son Tra - Dien Ngoc coastal line. It's 20 kilometers from Danang airport to Hanoi. Besides, Dien Ban has river system creating conditions for developing waterway transport and supplying water.

With an area of 214,71 km2 and a population of 217.214 people, 20 administrative units which are fairly plentiful and multiform are planned and developed in order to promote the effect of natural resource exploitation with environment protection; a district-level administrative unit is planned to upgrade to whole district's urban area (Dien Ban) which will fulfill the necessary funtions for becoming ecological city developing towards sustained green growth.

In 2013 - 2015, industry and handicraft is expected to reach 13-14% and in 2015 over 7.500 billion VND accounting for 61,6 % in economic structure of the district. Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc industrial zone has an area of 390 ha which has basically been filled. This zone has 420 registered manufacturing enterprises with an investment of 1,276 billion VND, USD 312.7 million and 30 manufacturers which are working create employment for 23.000 laborers. Those are very impressive figures for an urban model has grown.

Commerce - tourim - service: Dien Ban has 8.874 enterprises working with 33.240 labors in commerce and service and reaching VND1.571 billion accounting for 19.37%  of the production value of the district. Garments and Leather shoes increases 11.4 %  with total turnover USD 356,3 million. Dien Ban has beautiful beaches with many resorts, well known beaches, such as Ha My beach, LeBel Ha My resort, Nam Hai resort. It also has Golf Motgomerie golf course which is one of the leading beautiful golf course in Viet Nam. Further more, Dien Ban has many famous traditional villages such as Ha Quang fish sauce, Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village, Triem Tay mats, Phu Triem rice papers ...

2.2. Orientation for planning and construction

Orientation for developing Vinh Dien town (Dien Ban urban) to urban type 4 was  identified very early. In 1999, the Prime Minister has approved the project for general planning for Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc new urban area (of Dien Ban district) to 2020 with with the goal of establishing a center for industry, services, training and education, tourism and resorts of Quang Nam provine and Central region. In 2006, Quang Nam approved the project for urban development of the provine in which Dien Ban would be urban type IV in 2014.

Quang Nam's Eastern regional planning, in which there is the orientation for developing Dien Ban reaching the standard of urban type III to 2020, has been approved in 2012. In 2013, general planning for Dien Ban was approved with the target of developing Dien Ban becoming new town to 2015. Urban development model in isolation (Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc, coastal line, Vinh Dien, Dien Thang) through many periods has changed by expanding, merging, adapting to situation, trends of multi-polar urban development in accordance with the requirements of saving cultivated land and investment capital in the development program.

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