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Sustainably developing Dien Ban urban space in the connection with vicinity (part 2)
Author: Author: Dr. Architect Truong Van Quang - Institute for National Rural urban Planning; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 26/06/2015 .Views: 1521 lượt. [Print]
2. The vision in new development context

With advantages about geographical location, natural conditions, resources, technical infrastructure and society, sustainable high economic growth, Political security and social order being guaranteed, Dien Ban continues to affirm the motive role of the northern region of Quang Nam in spite of having difficulties and challenges in general development trend.

To exploit the strengths, strengthen regional link ability, Dien Ban should determine space development strategy scientifically, suitably and that must balance economic development, heritage preserver and environmental protection  towards sustainable development, further confirm the role, position of Dien Ban in Quang Nam, in  key economic regions, especially the role and position in motive urban cluster Da Nang - Chan May - Hoi An - Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc ... in the next time. Accordingly, Dien Ban should develop according to town urban structure with the vision that is Dien Ban becoming the motive development centre of industry, commerce,cultural services, tourism in the northern area of Quang Nam; having reasonable space with coastal metropolis characteristic, having the differences in ideas, harmonious association among space tourism, services, industry and trade village, combining tourist service with cultural and historical monument system and natural landscapes.

3. The structure and space development orientation

Based on the natural condition, potential, role, position and the impact of regional relation, the space structure of Dien Ban development strategy is planned in two main development areas. Such as:

Region 1: With high and dry terrain, this sector has been identified as entire eastern area of the corridor of highway Lien Chieu - Dung Quat to the sea and the north of the Thu Bon River. Its north is on verge of Non Nuoc, Cam Le of Da Nang city, its south is on verge of agricultural area of Hoi An city. Its With the advantage is connecting with the highway, 1 A National highway, East - West Corridor, coastal axis ... Urban development settled as a priority in order to create motivation to develop economy, service, trade of the northern area of Quang Nam with the development nuclear are sea tourist area, Quang Nam university area, Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc  industrial zone... Because its advantage is adjacent to Da Nang city, near East-West axis. Dien Phuoc commune will be urbanized quickly).

Region 2:  It is the west area of highway axis  and  entire south of the Thu Bon River. It border with Dai Loc on the west and its south is on verge of Duy Xuyen. It has fertile soil condition, trade village system, historical sites and it has advantages in food production, food, labor and ecotourism service serving urban development area. (It will be suburban area in the future). New rural model is developed, agricultural products, food are produced, processed here. This region is development reserve. Major development framework system are river system in the region and regional transport system including axis 609, axis 610, axis 605 and inter-commune road system.

With varied terrain structure between coastal area and deltas along 1A National to east of highway, space orientation developing urban cluster of the region include: (1) coastal urban streaks based on Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc urban area will follow urban space and sea tourism of Da Nang and Hoi An and transportation system and "blue space" will be restructured here in order to optimize (extend and upgrade the space) sea landscapes and Co Co river for urban operations. Adjusting traffic structure helps Dien Ban to have most convenient accessibility to the sea space, Co Co river and green urban space from many directions. (2) Urban streaks at Vinh Dien riverside will has term dispersal structure follow mainly east - west structure to maintain drainage ability in an east-west direction of the whole region. Traffic hub locations of the region are given to developing. Landscape space at Vinh Dien riverside is main public space of urban associating with activities, such as trade, service, culture and entertainment. Dien Thang urban area is gateway space with Da Nang city, connecting with urban space of Ngu Hanh Son district. Vinh Dien urban gateways connect with Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary. So functions about reception organization, promotion, mass transit service will be exploited and developed here. Including: (1) Northern center of Quang Nam is a multifunctional center, including administration, commerce, financial and banking services, hotels, offices creating conditions to develop area's advantages and focus resources in Dien ban. This center will be connected with the development motivation network of Da Nang - Dien Ban - Hoi An region, such as sea tourism, Quang Nam University area, Da Nang International Airport, Hoi An city in order to ensure the competitive position on trade, service... (2) Systems of urban centers (Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc urban center; Dien Thang;Vinh Dien town; commercial center at the North Vinh Dien; Phong Nhi commercial center) have the role as center of economy, culture, commerce and they are development nuclear, the driving force of urbanization in the region... Industrial areas associating with urban area are arranged in urban development area where  industrial cluster model are not developed in order to create development motivation, employment goes hand in hand with developing residential area, urban services, providing the infrastructure, limiting the influence of industrial activity on environment: (1) Because Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc industrial zone is associated with sea tourism, the nature of industry should be controled, clean production and high technology should be encouraged. (2) Trang Nhat industrial zone is associated with urban area at northern gateway, Dien Thang urban area. Nature of industry here is consumer industry, assembly, construction materials ...

4. By way of conclusion

To effectively exploit the potential and advantages, strengthen regional linkage ability (especially, associating with Da Nang and Hoi An), Dien Ban should issue space development strategies scientifically and reasonably with the vision of becoming the center of trade - industry, tourist service, culture which has dynamic development in the north of Quang Nam; have reasonable space which is space coastal urban; have the differences of ideas; tourist space, service, industry, trade village, historial culture monument system and natural landscape should have harmonious combination.

Confirming the role, position and brand of the provine in the region, in Central economic focal region, especially the role, position in motive urban Da Nang - Chan May - Hoi An - Dien Nam Dien Ngoc ... Dien Ban towards prosperous sustainable development.


1. Construction planning for Central economic focal region (VIUP)

2. Dien Ban general planning (VIUP)

3. Construction planning for developing eastern region of Quang Nam.

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