Sustainably developing Dien Ban urban space in the connection with vicinity (part 1)
Author: Dr. Architect Truong Van Quang - Institute for national Rural urban Planning; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 26/06/2015 .Views: 1505 lượt.
1. Roles, positions in region relationships Quang Nam is located in the Central of Viet Nam, 860 kilometres north of Ha Noi capital, 865 kilometres south of Ho Chi Minh city. It borders Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang on the north, Quang Ngai and Kon Tum on the south, SeKong (Lao) on the west and it borders by the East Sea on the east.

           The total land area of the province is over 1.000.000 ha. With diverse topography and  going down from west to east, Quang Nam province is divided into three distinct areas:  mountainous areas - midland areas  - plains and  coastal areas. Quang Nam lies in a tropical monsoon climate. Natural river system is about 900 kilometers long and it  is more evenly distributed in the whole provine with two main river systems are Thu Bon River and Tam Ky River. In addition, the provine also has several large lakes, such as Phu Ninh, Khe Tan, Viet An, Thach ban, ... Long coastline is 125 km, there are several beautiful and famous beaches in the seacoast, such as Ha My (Dien Ban), Cua Dai (Hoi An), Binh Minh (Thang Hoa), Tam Thanh (Tam Ky), Bai Rang (Nui Thanh) ..., On the whole, the natural conditions of Quang Nam (weather - climate, terrain, water and sea resources) have a lot of potential to develop economy, social, economic and culture exchange  with areas in the domestic and abroad.

          Bordering Da Nang and Hoi An on the north, Dien Ban is the intersection area of important national activities, such as economy, trade and tourism through Tien Sa port system, Da Nang International Airport, North-South transport corridor, Industrial estates, Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc new urban area, developing trade village system and two world cultural heritage My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An ancient town. With these strategic advantages, Dien Ban has been an important destination and an attractive area to invest in tourism, industry and services in the provine.

          In development strategy of Central economic focal region, Dien Ban is identified having transmission role and connecting economic activities - cultural and socio between Danang and Hoi An, coastal area with the western districts of the province with focus development strategy which is marine economy; Dien Ban focussing on developing sea tourism center of national stature and international stature with the ability to form international trade corridor.

          In the Decision of the Prime Minister on approval the construction planning for the Central economic focal region,  Da Nang - Chan May - Hoi An - Dien Nam Dien Ngoc urban cluster has been identified as main urban cluster of the region, as the final point into the sea of East-West Economic corridor on National Highway 9  crossing Lao Bao bordergate route and  National Highway 4D crossing Nam Giang bordergate route. Da Nang city is the main urban area and the center of Central economic focal region; Da Nang links to Chan May urban on the north and Dien Nam Dien Ngoc urban on the south forming service urban chain,  motive industry follow 1 A National Highway and Da Nang - Dung Quat highway. It associates with Hoi An ancient town along the coast forming national tourism chain and international tourism chain Bach Ma - Lang Co - Non Nuoc - Hoi An. Chan May urban supports and shares with Da Nang functions about port, port services, tourism, high-tech industry. Dien Nam Dien Ngoc urban area supports and shares with Da Nang city functions about focus industry, vocational training, housing and other support services. Hoi An city supports functions about tourism and tourism service of Da Nang city.

          For the Central economic focal region, potentials and strengths of the provinces in the region are quite similar to each other about tourism potential, coastal and marine potential, port development potential and industrial zones focus with large-scale. However, in the region, the linkage to promote competitive advantage together is very lax. Even there are the strong competition in the region which is causing obstacles for the development.

          Quang Nam provine also actively plans for developing economy the eastern region of Quang Nam with 1000 km2, about  a population of about 80 thousand people, including 60 communes in 6 districts, two cities are Hoi An and Tam Ky. Dien Ban has 15 communes with area of 1,500 km2, and a population of over 15 thousand people. Dien Ban is identified as area having close relationship with the south of Da Nang city. In the development orientation, Dien Ban has urban, services and tourism on the east; industry develops basing on available infrastructure advantages, such as 14 B National highway, Lien Chieu - Dung Quat highway system, North - South railway; bordering Hoi An, Dien Ban will has function expanding tourism activities associating with suburbs, such as Tra Que vegetable planting area, Kim Bong wood trade village, Thanh Ha pottery village... For the purpose of creating conditions to develop and accelerate urbanization process in order to develop Dien Ban in particular and the northern area of Quang Nam province in general becoming the center of industry, commerce, tourism and services of the province, in recent years, Quang Nam province has focused intelligence, resources in order to develop Dien Ban being adequate to position, inherent potential of the district ... Dien Ban has became the most developed district of the province with Dien Nam Dien Ngoc industrial zone and Vinh Dien busy town. Socio - economic of Dien Ban have had strong steady development steps. So developing Dien Ban becoming one of big economy - culture centers with basic functions such as, the centres of industry, commerce, tourism and services of Bac Quang Nam; the center of culture - sport, education - training of the region is an objective certainty in order to take advantage of opportunities and exploit the inherent advantages of the district.

          However, the human resource quality of the district is low, workers who are trained  are very small percentage in enterprise. Especially, natural environment at risk of polluted increasingly by waste from industrial zones, toursim, population that have not yet been absolutely resolved. However, the human resource quality of the district is low, workers who are trained  is a very small percentage in enterprise. Especially, increasing  increasingly risk of natural environment pollution by waste from industrial zones, toursim, population has not yet been absolutely resolved. Besides, illegal sand exploitation in riverbed and upstream forest abuses; landslides, being swept away, accumulation in riverside areas seriously effect  production and people's life in Dien Hong, Dien Phuoc, Dien Tho, Dien Quang, Dien Trung, Dien Phong ... the economy of households is still  small, fragmented, not  adapted to harsh competition of market mechanisms ...