Author: Translator: Thanh Binh .Posted date: 16/06/2015 .Views: 1280 lượt.
1. Location: - Thuong Tin Industrial Cluster is in Hamlet 7A, Dien Nam Dong commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province.


2. Total scale:

The total area: 40,0145ha


- Leased Area: 14,31ha

 - Clean area for investing in building factories: 17ha

 3. Orientation of fields arranged in this Industrial Cluster:

Clothing prodution; clothing (except for fur clothing); knitted apparel and knitting prodution; shoes producton (from available materials); forest products (apart from timber), sedge and plaiting materials; motorcycles, motorcycle (assembly, finishing); manufacture for bicycles and for the disables (assembly, finishing).

4. Infrastructure:

In the area of this industrial cluster, there is a street line connecting from DT.607B to this Industrial Cluster with 20.5 m in width. This street line is invested from the district budget and allocated to the Centre for development of industrial clusters, services. In general, the transportation is relatively favorable.

- The distance to Tien Sa port is 35 km, Da Nang Airport: 25km

- The distance to the big cities (Tam Ky, Da Nang):

+ To Da Nang: 20km

+ To Tam Ky: 50km

+ To Hoi An: 6km

5. Calling for investment:

- Continuing to call for potential investors and intend to invest in this industrial cluster.

- The investor is guided the administrative procedures and preference information, supported and made favorable conditions for the investor.

- Land rent paid each year, 5-year: 13.000dong/m2; land allocation paid once time (50 years): 760.000dong/m2.