Author: Translator: Thanh Binh .Posted date: 18/12/2014 .Views: 1157 lượt.
1. Location, location of construction: - An Luu industrial cluster belongs to 7B hamlet, Dien Nam Dong commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province.

2. Area scale: - The total area of ​​industrial land: 395.920m2 accounted for 83.17% the whole area, including:

+ The area has been allocated to investors: 149,974 m2

+ The area has not been allocated to investors: 216,326 m2


3. Orientation of fields arranged in Industrial Cluster:

The trades which are admitted to An Luu industrial cluster are not in the list of Official Letter No. 1349/UBND dated 12/21/2012 of People's Committee of Dien Ban District. Priority sectors are light industry, nature clean, no dirty, no noise, no vibration, no pollution spreading.

4. Infrastructure:

- Outbound traffic: Curently, An Luu industrial cluster  has been invested to build the main road with redline 26m, length of 1164m.

- This is the area adjacent to the road DT.607A with medium voltage lines passing.

- The distance to:

+ Danang Airport: 23 km

+ Da Nang Port: 25km

+ Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc Industrial Park: 3km to the North

+ Hoi An city: 6 km to the East

+ Dien Ban Administrative Center: 7km to the South.

5. Calling for investment:

- Continuing to call for investment in the remaining industrial land.

- Land rent paid each year, 5-year: 13.000dong/m2; land allocation paid once time (50 years): 760.000dong/m2.