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Continuing to write village story (part 2)
Author: Luong Linh; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 26/03/2015 .Views: 1706 lượt. [Print]
Continuing to write the story of village It is neccessary to receive the investment supports from goverment, professional departments of levels, international and cooperation organizations, representative of heart individuals. Especially, with subject role, Triem Tay people play an important role to lead the village story to a new page on the spirit of sharing, co-responsibility



              I felt the pride and happiness of old gentlemen and old ladies in Triem Tay village when they told me about old stories. I also caught innocent smiles, warm look and children with Quang Nam voice "hế lô, hế lô" greeting international tourists with a friendly wave when I walked around the village.

I was really surprised to realize that eighty five-year-old man Nguyen Viet Can is always present all meetings, training classes, surveys held in Triem Tay village. He said: "there are only I and my wife in my family, all my children and grandchildren live in Hoi An", I asked:"What do you think about doing tourism at the village", "It is good thing, the village is still our the  but life is better. I hope everything is improved by leaps and bounds in order to my children and grandchildren will come back to the village..." he answered.

 I also admire Ms. Duong Thi Khanh 23 years old, has just graduated from banking and finance department of Danang architecture university when I talked with her. She is joining the core group implementing in the project of Triem Tay  community tourism. She said that her parent have two children are in college, family life is hard, she want to find a stable job to help the family. However, with opportunities and challenge of the village, Khanh hope she devote her youth and enthusiasm to build the native land more and more beautiful!

Speaking at the competition of "green hedges" and initiative "family’s picture corner" in Triem Tay hamlet, Dr. Duong Bich Hanh - the head of section  Culture department of UNESCO Office in Ha Noi recognized what happening in Triem Tay gets out of the project and  towards a sustainable green village. UNESCO are always interested in and support to preserve and promote cultural values and the history of the village. It is not really a contest. It is favourable to all of us. Local people have green hedges, beautiful house space. Tourists have interesting experience... 

                  There' re more many people such as Mr. Ba Yen, Mr. Son, Mrs. Chuc, Mrs. Thang, Mr. Su, Ms. Minh... and Triem Tay people with the dynamic activity in consultancy, survey. They has created conditions for organizations, individuals, experts to access to the village. Mr. Nguyen Van Bong, chief of Triem Tay hamlet is not only thorough in their work but also leading in co-investment to build homestay model in his house. People of Triem Tay responded enthusiastically to the activities of the project. Nearly a haft of households in Triem Tay participated in "green hedge" competition in order to create landscape. Over 100 households responded to build "family photo corner", nearly twenty people of all ages are joining free English training course in the evening.

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