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Upholding the spirit of village culture
Author: Pham Nen; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 11/03/2015 .Views: 1509 lượt. [Print]
During the journey vast expansion of territory of parents generation, they established villages in everywhere they went. What matters to the village also is matters to the country. Culture identity of our people are made into from the village. Dien Ban is in the process of becoming the Town. But urbanization doesn't make village culture being buried in oblivion.


Historically, Dien Ban is a convergence and a place to establish village of the North Vietnamese people. Dien Ban land was established and associated with the establishment and development of Quang Nam land. In the process of changing developing waste land into cultivated areas, many waste land regions step by step  became  opulent villages. Dien Ban is a land of basic elements creating village structure, including communal houses, temples, pagodas, village ponds, village wells and village lanscape such as banian tree, river wharf, rivers, village bamboo ... Beside that is intangible cultural heritages in Dien Ban. Everybody supposed this is the cradle of culture with many customs, festivals, the types of traditional folklore with plenty of  Dien Ban village culture spirit.

          From "the village to city", it's neccessary to maintain values of traditional culture, village culture in the flow of national renovation towards industrialization and urbanization. With many villages having a strong attachment to long histories of a land region going through historical upheavals, maintaining the village in the town is in accordance with Dien Ban Town in the future.  One of some verses of Nguyen Ngoc Hanh poet is "Xưa tôi sống trong làng, giờ làng sống trong tôi". That verse said that the origin of people have the root from villages. Urbanization wave is spreading. Going up from a ruin countryside, Dien Ban always bears the special mark of the period of land development and village establishment. Culture is a deep and polysemous category. Many wards, many new urban zones will be established but urbanization doesn't make traditional culture values being buried in oblivion, it must hold spirit of village culture. Despite of becoming Town, Dien Ban urban space always holds the nuance of home village. 

          With hundreds and thousands of hectares of land converted to build industrial zones, industrial clusters, new urban areas, resorts and golf courses, urbanization has transformed appearance of Dien Ban home village. However, what is mentioning is that some places has still maintained the nature of village culture. There are many restored monuments, many monuments recognized as cultural history relics and especially many village communal houses, village temples. In the road of territory expansion of ancestors, the "heart" of village is communal house. It has many functions but it is used to worship "Tutelary god of a village" that was a pioneer in expanding territory and establishing village In time before. That demonstrate moral phylosophy "Cây có cội, nước có nguồn. Chim có tổ, người có tông". (Birds have nests, men have stock). Communal house is  is also the place retain memories, roots of Vietnamese. Many communal houses such as Thanh Quyt, Bao An, Dong Ban, Phong Luc, La Qua ... are museums of architectural painting sculptures and  traditional sculptures. Many communal houses that were recognized as provincial historic monument were preserved by the people. Every year, beside many traditional festivals, awards ceremonies of the Local Education promotion Associations were held at communal houses to present gifts for students from the village having good scholastic achievements and to honour excellent people bring fame to the village.


          In the movement "all people unite to build cultural life" and building  community cultura institutions, many parts have focused on building village gates. Village entrance is set in the beginning of village. "Mỗi làng mỗi cổng, mỗi thân mỗi phận" (each village has its own gate). Visitors get a first feeling about village from the village gate when they visit there. Among village communal house, village road, village pond, village entrance, the people focus on village entrance a lot because it express vividly a village culture.  Many village gates were built with a harmony of shape and letters, they introduced about old land of the village and contributed to promote the construction of culture life today. There are many beautiful village gates which attached to many events and glorified new rural appearance.

          Dien Ban has potential for exploiting and developing tourism. It is necessary to promote village tourism to maintain the spirit of village culture and create incentives for footbinding visitors to villages. The birth of the model of Triem Tay eco tourism was the one bright spot. It is important to hold back river stations, village bamboos, ancient houses and associate them with Thanh Minh festival, trade village festivals, village festivals, Cau ngu festivals ... Dien Ban should restore and  revive types of folklore such as threshing rice by buffalo, the rice-hulling mill, pounding rice, making sugar from cane, the scenes of peasant girls bailing water in the rice fields, green vegetable gardens, fish ponds, lotus ponds. Dien Ban also should rebuilt a provincial citadel part of ancient Quang Nam and Cua Tien, expand lotus pond surrounding the ancient provincial citadel in Dien Ban museum area. Opening training courses about singing lullaby, singing folk-song, rhyming, puzzles,  anecdotes, proverbs, folk verses is necessary for young people.


 The  interesting book about "Dien Ban folklore", which was published in 2007, has  maintained and promoted the value of traditional culture, showed the moral philosophy of community cohesion. "Hương ước làng" should be preserved because they have had strong attachment to the life of many generations.          In the planning of residential area constructions, it is necessary to plan garden house space, hold back residential clusters in order to embellish and keep the village space with "làng trong phố, phố trong làng"(village is situated in the city, the city is situated in the village). Ancient houses should be preserved and maintained along with timeline and life.  If you want to find out about characteristics and culture character of regions, you must study from the village. The village is a country 's epitome picture. In 2020, Dien Ban will certainly have many changes. Life is always exciting every day. Becoming town is essential for natural growth. Besides, good traditional culture value and village culture should be preserved and upheld over time.

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