A “sacred” land
Author: Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 19/01/2015 .Views: 1360 lượt.
Many people talked about the “sacred” factors of Dien Ban land, but detailedly saying is the hardly possible thing. Under the Mac dynasty, Duong Van An discussed in the book “Ô Châu cận lục” when he was writing about Thuan Quang land: “There were these rivers and mountains, these characters when heaven and earth appeared. Because after heaven and earth had opened, rivers and mountains appeared, these personalities were born after there were rivers and mountains”

          It’s said that Dien Ban is the “sacred” land because there are many competition-examinations, outstanding talents, persevering people and heroes who has contributed bringing fame to country.

          The others say that Dien Ban is the “sacred land” because there are broad sea, vast rivers, quality land, fertile alluvium. Heaven and earth is broad and liberal as expanding and extending to approach the other rich fat lands.

Hai Van pass is a pent up thing, but if crossing this pass we will see the broad expanse of  heaven and earth middle the beautiful blue ocean. The west of Dien Ban district is the Truong Son imposing range which is rich in forest products and green forest with countless trees . Thus, in the rainy season,  the humus and alluvium of the west vast forest are swept by the flow of rivers which flow into great plains to help to bring fertility and brightness for them.

          Civilization in history has always associated with river and sea and the fertility of alluvial soil: civilizations in the Yellow River basin, in the Nile basin,in the Ganges basin, in the the Indus basin and by extension, Greek civilization, ancient Roman civilization are also like that. Although Dien Ban is a small locality of the stretching country, it has both rivers, sea, and the diverse land including the fertile alluvial soil  along the Thu Bon river and the Bo Bo hill has been a mark for landscape adding more colors.

In a long commentary "The silt child", writer Hoang Phu Ngoc Tuong wrote: "The flow of Thu Bon  river remain unchanged in spite of the misfortune of heaven and earth. Looking at this distance of the map, it shows that there are fewer places where have rivers gathering and then branching, branching and then gathering. They surround a island to create such a affectionate holding shape. Go Noi is a cradle forced into four its handles . The top of the West of Thu Bon river grabs Hon Kem - Da Dung, Vu Gia river flow deep into Giang, Hien mountains. The low of Thu Bon and Vinh Dien river seize anchors into Cua Dai and Cua Han. Perhaps, ancient feng shui would call it "a sacred land with extraordinary people". Writer "Quang Nam Studies", Nguyen Van Xuan also wrote about Thu Bon river vein is one of the orginal points of Dien Ban sacred land. : "Up from the Thu Bon river to Cau Lau bridge, looking right is a large plain consists of Phu Chiem, Thanh Chiem village. Chiem was drawn from Chiem Dong.  Thanh Chiem had played second role of the Dang Trong.  Going up one more river, you will see a Do Noi region. This fertile land is famous for textile industry. Just because of having silk, there are green mulberry fields in Go Noi.  The girls working as sericulture are familar with being in the shade so they have reputation for the most beautiful. Thanks to green mulberries and good rice, Go Noi produced famous people in education, in politic, in revolutions such as Hoang Dieu, Phạm Phu Thu, Tran Cao Van, Phan Thanh Tai. The next generation of the Phan family also produced patriots such as Phan Khoi, Phan Thanh ..."

          Never can separate Dien Ban from Thu Bồn River that has created a extremely attractive Go Noi not only because of land quality, water but also because of landscapes. Visitors can see the wide range of heaven and earth, the vast expanse of water river of a landscape which is rich in life and full of vitality when they go from Da Nang to Tam Ky, across the Cau Lau bridge by car.

          Beside having Thu Bon river, Dien Ban also has other rivers such as Vinh Dien, Bau Sau, Thanh Quyt ... Those rivers like a blood vessel which merges into soil and spreads throughout the entire body of villages, communes in the district…

  A land "originating from from the alluvial" is surrounded by famous places for rich such as Dai Loc, Duy Xuyen, or  by cities where  has been once prosperous such as Da Nang, Hoi An - Dien Ban and certainly that land must be the concentration of the quintessence of heaven and earth and history.

          However, "sacred land" is not only from brave soul of mountains, rivers and land but also from the harmony of land and people. People is flowers of land. Land feeds people and moulds people. People cling on to land to make history. Land feeds people and thanks to people, land is rich in vitality. Nature and history which were made up from the depth of alluvial class and sandy soil  mixing color, from the fresh water streams flowing deep in the earth, from the sky and  the the immensity spacious terrain, and from the  the interference between two civilizations Dai Viet and ChamPa and from the construction and expansion of the southern border at the beginning have created for Dien Ban people valuable qualities: working much, thinking much, radically in everything, outspokenness in behavior, harmony and openness in communication,  brave in all challenges and endurance in labor ... Those qualities which have created immense rice fields more fertile, the kinds of crops bringing many benefits such as mulberry, tobacco, peanuts, fabric cotton with famous craft villages...  contributed on establishing Thanh Chiem Town - the  headquarter of Dang Trong region - cradle birthing of national language... Those qualities have not only created the rich land about economic, culture but also contributed to to the prosperity of Hoi An, Da Nang which is neighboring places of Dien Ban. Those qualities contribute to produce "Extraordinary people".

"A sacred land" must be a well-off land from land and people. Dien ban is a  rich land in economic, culture, education, talents and celebrities,  productive labor tradition and patriotic tradition. Not to mention that there is only alone Dien Quang commune had many talents, celebrities from many different families such as the Phan family, the Tran family, the Le family, the Hoang family...

          In the harmony between land and people, between the brave soul of sea and rivers and people's qualities such as hardworking, dynamic in mindset, Dien Ban is "sacred land" together with the plentifulness of history in the past and present.