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The memory house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi – A place inspire patriotic feeling
Author: Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 19/01/2015 .Views: 1932 lượt. [Print]
In the war, heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi became a symbol of patriotism, the sacrifice, strong fighting spirit for Vietnam young generation and international friends against the aggressors. Today, that spirit and that symbol has still existed and spreaded.


Located on  Highway 1A connecting Da Nang city and My Son Sanctuary,  the memorial house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi is next to Dien Ban martyrs cemetery  -  the resting place of the martyrs, Vietnam heroic mothers and  generals of  Dien Ban. The memorial house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi was built in 1994 by Quang Nam Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union with the funding source from members of Quang Nam Youth Union. Every year, this place has welcomed hundreds of thousands of tourists come to visit and incense offering.

After  twenty years, under the impact of natural disasters and time, the structure had deteriorated and it was rebuilt on the old foundation.   Dien Ban District People Committee courted funding from City Party Committee, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh City... to build the memorial house.  To have assistance sources, city Ho Chi Minh Youth Union had many campaigns to raise fund from  adolescents, workers, businesses ... This funding is affection of the citizens of Ho Chi Minh city with "The worker of Saigon",a city commando. Besides, the participation in work has strengthened patriotism, sense of ethnic pride and promoted the  tradition of "when drinking water, remember its source" for the youth and workers. Contributing to the construction as a place to display and store the image about the life and revolutionary activity process of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi, creating a Red address for the youth in country towards.


A magnificent house consists of a worship space, a space of reception and community activity and supplementary areas. Beside the main worship space, many pictures, old documents, exhibits, souvenir gifts of organizations and people including the book "Live like him" of writer Tran Dinh Van are displayed in the space of worship. The book "Live like him"  was translated into Spanish by the Embassy of Venezuela in 2014. There are also the gifts of the Venezuelan Embassy in Vietnam about him Troi and the friendship between two countries here. Welcoming Space with openning design creates the conditions for units and mass organizations exchanging activities. Images and exhibits about Nguyen Van Troi has been collected by  The Center for Culture and Sport of Dien Ban district . The landscape of the memorial house is always taken care of to make a friendly green space.

His wife, Mrs Phan Thi Quyen usually takes care of his tomb at Two District, Ho Chi Minh city. Every time returning Nguyen Van Troi hometown, she visits the memorial house. As having visitors, she would tell about Nguyen Van Troi and the stories about him. There are many activities of Dien Ban Youth Union and Quang Nam Provincial Youth Union. Date of General Vo Nguyen Giap die, together with everywhere in the country, the memorial house was also a place to celebrated Memorial General Vo Nguyen Giap. Many activities of agencies, departments, schools have also been held here, such as "green journey", "journey of returning to source, "learning exchange" , "training new soldiers"... Many film crews of Vietnam Television and local station have also repeatedly made films at the memorial house Ngyen Van Troi.

Visitors who come to the memorial house are from all classes of society, from other regions of the country and there are also international guests, whoever from North to South also stop at here to recall war memories with many emotions. Mothers and sisters couldn't keep back their tears in front of the portrait of martyr Nguyen Van Troi. They figured out that they met her husband, her son had died for the country's freedom. On the occasion of 66th year of the War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, the delegation of leaders from the Party, Government of Ho Chi Minh city expressed their pride to visit Quang Nam where is hometown of Nguyen Van Troi - the typical young workers the revolutionary movement of youth South. On this occasion, Member of the Political Bureau, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee sent celebratory wishes to Party, government and people of Quang Nam province in general and Dien Ban district in particular to mark by the acceleration of national industrialization and modernization and contribute to the defence and construction of the Motherland.


The facts surrounding Venezuela guerrillas catching US Lieutenant Colonel and demanding the release of Nguyen Van Troi Nguyen Van Troi has gone down in history. Mr. Ivan Turmero - the second Secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy in Vietnam said that Nguyen Van Troi set an example of patriotism for Venezuelan people, especially the younger generation   ready to sacrifice for supporting Viet Nam against US imperialism. Recently, on behalf of the people of Venezuela, the Venezuela Ambassador to Viet Nam, Mr Rondon Uzcatequi vistited the memorial house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi and had a meeting with teachers, students of the secondary school Nguyen Van Troi. On this occasion he he also presented 10 computers for learning and teaching to Nguyen Van Troi school. The school is under the name of Nguyen Van Troi.

Every year, War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, big holiday or October is the time that visitors to memorial house are largest. The scrapbook is getting thicker and thicker with grateful lines paying deference to the young hero in Dien Ban land where is the birthplace of many heroes, celebrities, patriots went down in history. Along with district martyr cemetery, Dien Ban museum, the house of mother Nguyen Thi Thu, the memorial house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi has become a Red address to to educate patriotic tradition, revolution tradition for many generations today and future.


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