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The season of calling sea
Author: Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 14/01/2015 .Views: 1300 lượt. [Print]
Ha My beach (Dien Duong) has been getting crowded at evening. A sunny summer is waiting for the evening with the cool wind from the sea. Wild beauty and the harmony between nature and heaven and earth are special attractions of Ha My beach where fishing baskets lazily lay on it and resorts seemingly extend endless.


Although there isn't much boom of the waves, Ha My has still a separate attraction with large space and long seaside resort, Ha My beach is beautified by the purple of sea water morning glory flowers.

Not far away, An Bang beach (Cam An, Hoi An)  like a brilliant velvet carpet. Thanks to fresh natural landscape and varied vegetation, it has been affirmed as a global brand. Different from the excitement of  Cua Dai beach nearby, the silence of An Bang always makes tourists pleased since the first time. With the silk shiny sand, wide beach is painted blue of the sky and the water by the liberal strokes of nature.

In recent years, there were many investment projects in Ha My Beach, An Bang, Cua Dai including building the resort infrastructures and infrastructure planning. In 2013, Quang Nam spent more than 10.3 billion for investment in Ha My Beach, Cua Dai and Tam Thanh (Tam Ky). Especially, in 2014 Dien Ban District invested about 16 billion to conduct clearance, complete the transportation infrastructure, lighting power and trees ... in order to strive to exploit tourism in 2015. Investing in the sea by sectoral departments promising big changes to create a focal point in the strategic development of Quang Nam tourism in the next years, although all is still ahead.

Quang Nam Tourism has not only the heritage and cultural values of nature, but also beaches and coastal scenery. That has more meaningful when the value of tourism from sea accounted nearly 3/4 of total the whole revenue. The calling sea season is coming back, come and perceive that huge sea is ready to open arms welcoming tourists.

Source: quangnam.com


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