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Associating Dien Ban with Hoi An in tourism development.
Author: Thai Hoa; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 22/12/2014 .Views: 1975 lượt. [Print]
Dien Ban has an advantaged position between two cities, in which Hoi An ancient town with the goal of development “Hoi An – cultural city” and Da Nang young city with the goal of development “the city is worth living”. Morever, Dien Ban is located on the heritage road Hoi An – My Son.

              In recent years, Dien Ban district has took advantage of it own potentials to invest and to develop tourism. Project “Development  Dien Ban tourism 2007-2015” was issued as well as proposed particular goals, tasks and solutions, in which, tourism products develoment and business-tourism service development are the most important objective. Especialy, Tourism development of Dien Ban is inseparable from Hoi An because Hoi An can help Dien Ban in reorienting potential visitors market, expanding trade in service, building original tourism products to attract visitors. 

With inherent potentialities, Dien Ban has focused on kinds of tourism such as: sea tourism, eco-tourism, community tourism village, trade village tourism, historical and cutural tourism, tourist resorts … In developing forms of tourism – services , Dien Ban  bases on advantages about tourism development of Hoi An to orient goals, plans aiming at developing Dien Ban tourist.

                 On the road from Da Nang to Hoi An, we can see attractive resorts located alongside the stunning Viem Dong – Dien Ngoc beach in Dien Ban, such as The Nam Hai Resort - voted the best sea Resort in the Southeast of Asia, The Label Ha My Resort & Spa have attracted huge international visitors, the golf Montgomerie Links – the most beautiful golf in Asia, met international standards,... . Viem Dong beach, Ha My beach are being  invested in quality, services to satisfy tourists. It only takes a few minutes to go along the coastal road from Hoi An to Dien Ban, visitor can enjoy high quality tourism services.


On the heritage road Hoi An – My Son, visitors can end up at Dien Ban to visit and to go shopping trade products, such as Phuoc Kieu bronze casting products, Phu Triem rice paper, Triem Tay sedge mat, Cau Mong barbecue veal, Ha Quang fish sauce, Au Lac Wood Art, Nguyen Van Tiep wood carving, Le Duc Ha red pottery … Besides, there are some destinations as Thanh Chiem Town Hall - one of the places where Vietnamese script was born, Quang Nam citadel located in La Qua – Dien Ban. Especialy, Dien Ban has many laureates in former competition-examinations, many famous people  in Viet Nam history. In 2013, Dien Ban brought out more tourist products located both on the road  and water way from Hoi An to My Son. It only takes 10 minutes from Hoi An fish port  to Triem Tay eco-tourism village by water way. Triem Tay eco-tourism village is a village with characterized pure Viet  with peaceful atmosphere, pure environment, many garden house with pretty design, Triem Tay eco-tourism village has attracted many visitors. And it only takes a few minutes from Hoi An by land, tourists can stop at Vinahouse Space to visit 18 unique old house of three regions North – Middle - South. They can see the art architecture of the biggest ecological house in Viet Nam and enjoy Quang Nam food. Beside Vinahouse Space, tourists can visit Dien Ban Museum where contains 15.000 historical objects from different cultures  such as Sa Huynh culture, Cham culture, and from war. One of the greatest satisfactions of tourists coming here is the ancient oil lamp collection with near 500 units from many country over the world displayed in Dien Ban museum.

It is difficult to build tourism products and more difficult to find visitors market. That is the decisive factor to develop tourism products sustainably. Thanks to advantaged position, Dien Ban always promotes tourism associated with Hoi An to  attract visitors from Hoi An coming to Dien Ban. Developing tourism products which is different from surrounding areas is a way to attract visitors coming to Dien Ban.  Beside that, Dien Ban also concentates on promotion and advertisement to introduce about Dien Ban tourism to tourist companies in Hoi An. A scheme whereby Dien Ban district can associate Hoi An tourist companies in making the series of  services to attract visitors.

Beside complete tourism products, Dien Ban focuses on making tourism plan in communes near Hoi An, such as: a project for the development of Dien Phuong tourism including eco-tourism Triem Tay, Dong Khuong trade village complex, Dien Phuong Tourism; a project for investing home stay in Ha My beach according to the home stay pattern in An Bang - Hoi An; a project for Vietnamese tourism ward of Vinahouse Space company on the coastal road Da Nang – Hoi An… Futhermore, Dien Ban also associates with Hoi An government in developing open tour, training human resources, investing infrastructure for tourism  such as: road traffic, waterway, boat wharf, place of picking tourists up, construction of electricity infrastructure for high quality tourism services…


The period up to the year 2015, Dien Ban strive to be recognized as the town, Dien Ban tourist development project is strongly complemented and productively invested. Awareness of developing tourism in Dien Ban is gradually spreading across district, Dien Ban need to strengthen the link Dien Ban – Hoi An with the advantage position near Hoi An. In the first quarter of 2014, Dien Ban organized the workshop “Orientation linked to sustainable urban development Dien Ban - Danang and Hoi An”. Orientations and solutions were conducted to link  Dien Ban new urban  with Da Nang young city  and  Hoi An ancient town on basis of cooperating and complementing to develop together. In which, the orientation of Dien Ban district is green growth orientation,  minimising unexpected risks,  investing intensively in developing tourism. In this way  tourist products of Dien Ban is reaching for high level and making new powers for Dien Ban to inclusively develop in the next year.


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