Author: Translator: Thanh Binh .Posted date: 09/10/2014 .Views: 1362 lượt.
1. Location: - Cam Son Industrial Cluster has located on DT 605 route from Da Nang city to Bo Bo - Dien Tien Commune, Dien Ban District. - Distance to the National route: 5km, bordered to DT 605, DH: 5km, bordered to Duy Xuyen - Distance to Tien Sa seaport 25km, Airport 15km. - Distance to major cities (Tam Ky, Da Nang) + Tam Ky city: away 65km + Da Nang city: away 10km

2. Using – land planning: Total area of ​​Cam Son Industrial Cluster: 39.291 ha 


- Leased land: 10.04 ha 

- Clean land for construction investment: 10.04 ha

3. Transportation:

- Internal and external transportation of this Industrial Cluster

+ having an asphaltic concrete road DT605A, near to the East will be the main axis road for external of Cam son Industrial Cluster latter.

+ To the north, there is a land route to the brick factories area.

+ To the south of the planning land, the route into residential land, cars can be accessed

+ In addition, a number of land trails are in surveying and planning land.

4. Orientation to arranged industry in Commercial  and Services Industrial Cluster:

The industry received in Cam Son Industrial Cluster is the industries which do not belong in the list of  Official dispatch No 1349/UBND dated 21/12/2012 of People’s Committee of Dien Ban district

Prior types: light industry, mechanical industry, building material industry.

5. Attracting investment in industrial cluster:

- Land rent paid each year, 5-year (stability): 6.500dong/m2; land allocation paid once (50 years): 380.000dong/m2.

- Calling for investors on investing to remaining potential industrial land.