Indentifying Dien Ban tourism.
Author: Than Vinh Loc; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 09/10/2014 .Views: 1505 lượt.
Located on “the heritage road” connecting two travel centers of Quang Nam are the My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An acient town, Dien ban has an advantaged position. However, awakening the potential of tourism development is still not proportional to advantages of Dien Ban.

Compared to some places in Quang nam Provine, Dien Ban owns a lot of potentials to develop tourism. Beside “the heritage road” connecting two travel center of Quang Nam are the My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An acient town, Dien Ban has natural resourses, plentiful humanity with 8 km of seacoast, many historic cultural monuments such as Bang An Tower, Thanh Chiem Town Hall, the house of Vietnam Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu, the  Memorial house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi, and dozens of trade villages, local food… The traffic infrastructure here is convenient and easy to connect destinations with each other. Especially, there were three products of Dien Ban district  such as Triem Tay ecotourism Village, Vinahouse space, Dien Ban Museum in 9 new tourist products which Quang Nam promoted and exploited in 2013. In there, Vinahouse space and Dien Ban Museum are considered to be the most advantaged destinations because they are only 10km away from Hoi An city. In addition, Dien Ban Museum is the only place in Quang Nam provine, keeping a thousands of exhibits with different themes from Archaeology, nation, art to Sa Huynh culture, Champa culture, the antique oil lamp collection consisted of 500 units with various size and material, dating from many centuries.

             The fact that Dienban tourism only has been small-scale, spontaneous and it hasn’t been balanced development between west region and east region in the district, though it has started take off. Differ from many tourist projects belong to coastline of Dien Duong commune, Dien Ngoc commune, which have confirmed their position such as The Nam Hai, Lebel Hamy, Golf course Dien Ngoc,… the other places only stop as the supplemental destination of visitors. Connecting attractions hasn’t been clearly established to creat realy exciting products. Triem Tay ecotourism Village which was one of new tourist destinations of Dien Ban district was been exploited effectively in Quang Nam Heritage Festival 2013. The other destinations such as Vinahouse space, Dien Ban museum, the house of Vietnam Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu, the  Memorial house of heroic martyr Nguyen Van Troi … have low effect in attracting guests.

There is no denying the results that Dien Ban tourism achieved in the last time, the best is effect in seacoast projects… However, developing the advantages and Dien Ban’s destinations as a complete tourist product attracting visitors and being proportional to inherent potential is still met many challenges. That is still a topical question when tourist business dream has had everywhere. A trade village, a river, a spring, a monument,… are also become tourism destinations. However, the problems of development orient, product form, how to attracting tour operators are unanswered question.

In recent years, specific advantages and the concern of local administration promise breakthroughs in tourism development in Dien Ban. And then, the target to tourism development becoming a leading-edge economy of Dien Ban in 2015 in the project of tourism development 2007-2015 of Dien Ban district will be soon reached.