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The Well of Mr. Nhi (The Battle of Dien Ngoc brave men)
Author: Division of Culture and Information; Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 09/10/2014 .Views: 1458 lượt. [Print]
In the general uprising to break the pliers in Dien Ban, the province's special mission which was assigned to penetrate into the sand area of Dien Nam –Dien Ngoc Communes , fought to attract the enemy and create the conditions for the A and B zones’ communes to break up the enemy's grip and win the ownership. Seven-person team was led by Le Tan Hien (Vien) as the chief, Vo Nhu Hung as the vice-chief and Dang That, Nguyn Riu, Nguyen Sy, Tran Tho, Tran Dai Nghia and 3 officers of Dien Ban: Vo Tien (or Thu) – Standing of District Party Committee, Le Tuu and Dang Bao Chi.


The battle took place in the huge force gap. They only had 10 soldiers, armed with 8 submachine guns, 2 pistols, 2 kg of TNT, and each soldier was equipped with 150 rounds and some grenades. The enemy detected them and mobilized a command company, 10 platoons of security force and civil defense (about 500 soldiers), all were full of weapons and means of communication for enclosure. But in the spirit of "decisively die for the country life”, "use enemy weapons to kill enemy", "each enemy one bullet", the soldiers fought against the enemy throughout the length of the land from Dien Nam to Dien Ngoc, finally,  enemy forces cornered them in a shallow well of Mr. Nhi (Dien Ngoc), for more than 4 hours they repelled dozens of attacks, destroyed nearly a hundred of enemies. In the evening, they hit the enemy to escape the encirclement with the loss of 4 sacrificed comrades and 1 wounded. After this glorious battle, Le Tan Hien (Vien) was sent to report at the Military Zone. The great feat of arms of the mission was awarded with the title “Dien Ngoc brave men” and First Class Liberation Medal by The National Liberation Front of the Central Central Zone.   

Located in Ngan Giang hamlet, Dien Ngoc Commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Provine , the Well of Mr. Nhi was classified as the National historical monument in 1990. To commemorate Dien Ngoc brave men, the Dien Ngoc Brave men statue park was built in 2004. Both them are tourism attraction.

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