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Bang An Tower
Author: Division of Culture and Information, Translator : Bich Thuy .Posted date: 09/10/2014 .Views: 1680 lượt. [Print]
Bang An tower is located in Dien An Commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Provine, closed to the road 609 which connecting Dien Ban district and Dai Loc district). According to researchers, Bang An was built in the 10th century. It has very special architecture, which is considered unique among the remaining Cham temples in Viet Nam.


From a general view, Bang An tower has the shape of a linga (the male penis) and located in a very open space. Linga is the symbol of Siva. Cham people often reached the site for cults and festivals. The tower has the octagonal shape, each side wall is 4 meters long and the height of tower is more 21.5meters. There are a stone linga (currently only the altar remains) inside the tower, two stone animal statues: lion and elephant in the front of the tower . According to the researchers on Cham culture, Bang An tower is a high valuable Cham monument in respects of religion and architecture.

In 1943, the tower’s vestibule was damaged by wars and the French engineers carried out the restoration. But unfortunately, the French rebuilt it with cement and bricks (with big brick jointures), thus this negatively affected the unique original architecture of Cham people (almost no jointures are seen in the original masonry). Bang An is the Champa tower with octagonal shape still exists to day.

In 1989, Bang An Tower was accredited as National historical monument by the Ministry of Culture. With such unique architecture, convenient location and beauty, the tower of Bang An is an ideal destination for visitors at home and abroad.

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