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From A-Z when traveling
Author: Quản trị viên .Posted date: 23/05/2014 .Views: 1443 lượt. [Print]
The tips that benefit significantly below will help you have fun summer days the relatives and friends.
The tips that benefit significantly below will help you have fun summer days the relatives and friends .

1 . Dos and Don'ts

+ Do not:

Bring your phone book contacts or address book and scattered thick ( because they will do more heavy luggage ) . + Do:


In the address family , friends on the piece of paper and then pasted onto decal postcards - just to save money buy not just the lack of gifts or postcards to people when they return .

+ Do not:


For asset and important things in the outer compartment , front side or briefcase for easy watch ( this is the place " favorable " for thieving hand and you can not always hold it close or concentrated in the luggage ! ) .

+ Do:


Put your property , important documents and leave the bag in the middle of things seem " sensitive " ( eg underwear ) in his pocket to distract crooks !
+ Do not:

Find phone in your pocket , briefcase when someone casually remind you that you're phone .

+ Do:


Chances are " good people " you mention is a thief " in disguise " . So , instead of just checking the phone, you do not do anything and just secretly checked as soon as possible .
+ Do not:

Bring a lot of luggage to avoid shortages , especially cosmetics and skin care products , body .
+ Do:

Instead of bulky cosmetic bag , you buy the kit or buy the product small multi-functional product enough to use vacation time .
+ Do not:

Keep wallet in his back pocket .

+ Do:

Safe place to store bags for the front , to the left because most people ( and pickpockets ) are right-handed . You can also " fool " thieves by leaving an empty wallet in his back pocket .
+ Do not:

Hurry jostle to queue up a plane, train , car ... listening to notify ( disordered medium prone to pickpocket ) .
+ Do:

Sit in a chair waiting for people to line up sequentially . Remember that you have a reservation and then , no one can take your place and take trips will only start after everything has been fully tested !

+ Lemon

Along the way , you'll probably have to wait several days or sometimes showered bathing is not comfortable and comforts of home . Then , let's divide the lemon and put on tap . The scent of lemon also works to detoxify and relax very well . When a mosquito or insect bites , you just rub lemon juice on the bite , will reduce pain and speed healing .
+ Bags for personal use

Buy a small bag to store individual items or small personal will be used frequently .
+ Of the last Snapshot

If you get lost , the photo will help police find children easier than you just described in words , which is not to mention the difficulties of language if you travel abroad .
+ Country

The long flight can cause your body to lose water . So, buy a few bottles of water reserves , because not always the staff is ready to serve you anytime, anywhere . Remember to bring water to heat while playing in the amusement park . Here one has sold but certainly will not come cheap !

When a cruise , if you prefer not to constantly run to go buy a cool refreshment , bring a bottle of iced water as this will hold water longer.
+ Deodorant wipes , sunscreen

Bring cold towel disposable deodorant works to keep the body clean , not " stink " and always feel fresh. Sunscreen helps protect your skin when traveling to hot zones .
+ Radio , personal music players , books

The " accessories " that will help you relax in the moving process and during vacations . Price a radio , personal music player ( MP3, MP4 ) not too expensive nowadays . With a personal radio , you can listen to any radio on, any time you like without disturbing the person next .

3 . CAREFUL WITH Thrombosis

A recent study indicates that French people by car , plane or train longer than five hours will increase the risk of blood vessel blockage up four times . This danger increases when special aircraft owing to lack of exercise and dehydration . To avoid , you should note :

* During the flight , every 30 minutes just stretching your legs , feet and toes .

* Walk around the aircraft whenever possible .

* When the plane stops at the fueling station , please take advantage of walking .

Eat light , drink lots of water and limit alcohol because they can dehydrate you .

* Buy a pillow at the airport . This pillow is lightweight and useful for your head and neck while sleeping . Do not take sleeping pills .

* Remove the shoe to the foot airy and relaxing ; buy a special pair of socks with thick padded to carry during flight .

* Wear clothes volatile , widely .

* For women , makeup remover and cleanser for the skin to "breathe " , moisturizing the skin .


Self- yourself email

Please email your self with all the documents and important information such as flight number , credit card numbers , passport , driver's license may take such missed them , you just need one click to enter your email alone is enough !

Mark suitcase

To avoid any confusion or misplaced your luggage , you should mark your suitcase with stickers or whatever color most visible sign for you . If traveling with family , buy copper colored suitcase for members
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