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Saving Tips for family travel holidays
Author: Quản trị viên .Posted date: 23/05/2014 .Views: 1597 lượt. [Print]
There are many ways to help save money for families traveling to the upcoming National Day holiday.
The family vacation is always highly anticipated , but very easy to make both the budget deficit because expenditures for food , souvenirs, toys that children often beg purchase trip .. . so how to effectively manage spending and not make children unhappy ?

6 The following ideas will probably be great resources for moms .

1 . Prepared

Take a detailed estimate of the favorite activities for the whole family vacation , and prepare the necessary supplies available to take on holiday to save money shopping unnecessary . Hats , swimsuits , swimming goggles , diving suits , sport toys , sand or surf skis ... should be brought from home .

If vacation plans revolve around the familiar activities that your family will love , you also reduce the rent or hire guide new map . The trip is still experiencing the familiar activities but at a new location .

2 . Pleasure in the city but take a rest in the suburbs

Of course , those famous restaurants , museums , art shows , historical buildings ... usually concentrated in the city center . But no need to rent motels or hotels in the center , especially when traffic conditions more favorable current . You can complete the outskirts vacation rentals to significant cost savings .

3 . Taking public transport

Using public transport will be much cheaper , especially if your family busy . Buses , trains , taxis ... not too inconvenient as you thought . Especially in the center of major cities , development , public transport networks are available and covered many streets have an important tourist destination .

Saving Tips for family travel holidays
Remember to always ask if there is promotion for family !

4 . Booking accommodation and ask about discounts for family

After you have selected a location , please plan ahead for the holiday . If you want to see the human zoo , try to find out what day discount , or get preferential fares where ...

And remember to always ask if there are promotions for family . Many tourist sites have promotions that kind of advertising , but not the client ( a kind of marketing tricks : Promotion for price-sensitive customers through inquire about discounts ) .

5 . Refrain from purchasing unnecessary souvenirs

Before the start of the holiday , let the kids know you will not buy items that they will forget after you pay only 5 minutes . Instead , give the kids a notebook , glue and some colored pencils before , possibly even more cameras - and encourage them collectors items along the way that they can Text added to the holiday .

The food menu , admission is just two of the many memories of a family trip interesting . Try to spend some time each day and a chance for the kids to save the information in the guestbook . And if you want a souvenir memorabilia of your trip , let's just find the kinds of truly meaningful and long shelf .

6 . Begin saving now

Help your kids learn about the need to prepare for the trip - including both the preparation of money - by making vacation plans to become a family project . Take a family meeting and decide where you want to go home even in holidays .

Depending on the age of your child , let them research assignment location , can participate in activities and related costs . Do not forget to entice them to save money for the trip . Use empty jars to aardvarks or loose , where family members can contribute money bag for vacation next year . When the jar is full , let the children count money and record on the increased funds go play .
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