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15 mistakes "silly" should avoid traveling
Author: Hoang Vi .Posted date: 23/05/2014 .Views: 2530 lượt. [Print]
Each trip always requires a thorough preparation in advance. However, the following error may cause your trip difficult and takes away somewhat excited.

1 . Packing too much luggage

When at home , with wardrobe available , you can replace three sets of clothes a day for different activities : work , exercise or play with your friends . However, when you travel , fashion rules your required changes . Sometimes all be used on the plane can certainly continue to use another day , a T-shirt to wear while sleeping enough definitely okay to wear the 3rd time . According to statistics , 2/3 tourists often return after traveling with at least 6 sets of clothes not worn to . The lesson is that you do not need new clothes to replace continuous trip . Just at least two sets of clothes and flexible combination , you can wear everywhere , gently luggage , so you can buy many new clothes bring .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid travel 1
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 1

2 . Immediately not buy things I like

Do you think you will return to that store ? Or do you think will find a cheaper or better ? NO WHERE ! The adorable petite items or the local products that you could not buy will definitely haunt you with infinite regret . So when they see something that they like to buy immediately regretted not .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 2
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 2

3 . Inspection No charge mobile phones overseas supplier before trip

When a country or other area you must take international conversion fee , rates may use much higher and it directly affects your pocketbook .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 3
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 3

4 . Too confident in the line instructions " near downtown "

" Close to downtown " is to advertise the mouth of many hotels , however the fact you will realize there are not too many hotels near the city center as they advertise , and you will have to continue spend a lot of money for the move and travel . Advice here is to investigate and map information carefully to learn about the places you will go and will stay .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 4
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 4

5 . Tighten lid No cosmetic bottles

The jar shampoo , shower gel petite useful in your trip , but if you forget to tighten the button , you will encounter numerous problems on the plane , not to mention that the liquid will drop splashing in your bag .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 5
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 5

6 . Choice not the perfect time to book tickets

According to a study conducted by CheapAir , you can find the cheapest price tickets 79 days before domestic flights and 81 international flights the day before . But according to the travel agency Kaya moment is 21 and 34 days . Meanwhile , researchers at Texas A & M University found that 7th and Sunday is the best time to book cheap tickets and promotions . However, there is not a rule really perfect , it totally depends on the ability to capture your travel market .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 6
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 6

7 . Trying too far to go bargain shopping

There is no way to lose a good impression with the locals rather than the contract period to pay the price in a market . Knowing that the price paid is an art as well as travel, however should not have to beg just dropped a very small amount . Advice here is to buy an item with a comfortable heart you 'd feel it .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid travel 7
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 7

8 . No money at airport exchange

When traveling abroad, there is a convention that not only the new professional money changers at the airport by the foreign currency exchange rates will be higher when you change money in the town . However this is not always true , if you want to change a large sum of money , should be done at the airport because the exchange rate will be quite a bit lower than other areas . Moreover, you do not have to take time away from the street to another street to exchange money , convenience factor alone is enough to prove that you change money in its " ripoff " at every airport .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 8
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 8

9 . Excluding prepayment risk may occur

Many people often do not take into account the risks that may occur during your travels . For example, the risk of traffic jams , delayed flights , no time schedule , at worst you may have to stand in line for hours just could not get the plane up and people walk along it looks like the more refugees were passengers of an international flight .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 9
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 9

10 . Purchase a pair of slipper prices " dirt "

You may be thinking , " I just used it in a week , I would not take it home , why should choose a pair of the best do? " . The answer will come when you cut yourself or sandals must shambles on the long road to a foot blisters . So the best advice is that if you should buy travel slippers as possible .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 10
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 10

11 . Scared street food

No one wants to be sick during his travels , but you certainly can not enjoy a perfect trip in Thailand or Mexico but not enjoying street food . Rest assured that the locals do not like food poison was left just like you . It will be very sorry if traveling without enjoying the taste of foods that country because of concerns can only be poisoned .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 11
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 11

12 . Process depends on the manual

Plan your trip based on guide books will make your travels take away a lot of fun . No one can deny the great travel books but you should only do one to two travel hints from them , should instead look to new things and enjoy the experience of their own .

15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 12

15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 12


13 . Not buy full coverage for trip

The most important advice here is that you need to buy adequate insurance for your trip . Simply because when you come to a certain country and enjoy a cheap beer , this does not mean that you secure your health insurance will cover the costs for the risks that you face during his travels as a car accident , illness , food poisoning ...

14 . Too obsessed with photography

Obsession to record all the places you go through with making pictures desire to discover new things your significant decrease . Tips here it is only necessary to capture some sort of commemoration , the importance of the trip is to experience and explore rather than the professional image hardly bragging to everyone .
15 mistakes " silly " should avoid traveling 13
15 sai lầm “ngớ ngẩn” nên tránh khi đi du lịch 13

15 . In. No booking information

Maybe you will think why entanglement in the paper that while it is always inside your computer , your phone ? The answer is all technology items such as phones , computers , tablets ... probably will not be available when you come to another country , especially when you come to a country on the other side of the ocean , so then what would help you ? Advice here is to print all the information available on reservations, aircraft ... you store them in your luggage .
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