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20 smart travel tips you need to "pocket"
Author: Quản trị viên .Posted date: 23/05/2014 .Views: 1499 lượt. [Print]
References and better use of the tips below, you and the other passengers can enjoy a comfortable vacation, unforgettable

Preparation Stage :

- Planning before departure time can help reduce travel costs . Also, do not forget to change money before arriving to enjoy more favorable exchange rate .

- In the 2 weeks before vacation , you should eat yogurt every day . This will cause the formation of beneficial bacteria in the gut , which can help them cope with any bad bacteria generated during the trip .

- Put your foot on new sneakers for the trip a few weeks before we left , because there's nothing more irritating the skin blisters during your visit it here

- Cut nails short before traveling abroad for not sticking to bacterial hand gel and put antibacterial cream or in an easily accessible place .

- If you bring your prescription medicines , before departure do not forget to check whether it is legal under the law of the place you are going to not .

- If you wear glasses or contact lenses , make sure to bring an extra pair redundancy . In addition, the need to carry tools and spare battery charger for electronic devices . If not , you may have struggled to find a place to buy and are expensive .

- Roll clothes to save space and limit of suitcases as they have wrinkles . Mark your luggage with brightly colored ropes , stickers or colored ribbons floating on the handle to easily identify it in the carousel .

- In your hand luggage , you should take a set of underwear and outerwear order in case luggage is lost in transit . At that time , at least you have clean clothes to change .

- Go online to learn habits and learn some of the common place to come. Even if you just babbles , it still tries to be more respect indigenous people 's perspective " nobody in the world who speak English well ."

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During the journey :

- Instead registration services expensive international roaming , you should look to buy local sim phone when she arrived

- Oil winds not only help you deal with insect bites and bouts of muscle aches , it was somewhat drowned out other unpleasant odors throughout the trip if you rub a little oil under the nose .

- If the crumpled clothes at the scene , why not hang them in the bathroom while taking a shower. The steam will help erase wrinkles on costumes .

- Always keep business cards in such property . If possible , you should ask the receptionist to write in the vernacular address on my business cards to get lost or are unsure when the road will comfortably give it to the taxi driver .

- Bring a large towel or sarong in hand luggage , just to keep warm on the plane just can temporarily used coats at sea and covered shoulders if you visit a religious place .

- Never leave the derelict laptop in a hotel room, you remember to find a safe place to store it if possible . If you carry out, you have to be careful because bad guys easy to keep an eye on laptop bag , it is best to put the machine into a normal backpack . Besides, you can bring a small portable hard drive to back up data in the trip . Thus , even if the laptop is stolen or stops working, you still retain the necessary content .

- To avoid attack Cao Cao , you should eat cooked food . If fruits and vegetables too tempting , select the type of peel can .

- You 'll worry yourself to lose a camera ? So please post contact information on a piece of paper and photographed it . Thus , even if the machine is stolen or lost , at least you have a chance to regain the memory card .

- Take advantage of shopping bags to store dirty clothes and shoes . Cart locker room should also be a perfect place to hide something valuable , because thieves are less likely to rummage through the treasure between nasty pile .

- Never let your credit card out of sight , especially when you 're standing in a store. If you are distracted for a moment , it could provide an opportunity for the bad guys hand .

Additionally , instead of booking the hotel for a week foreign trip coming , why not consider renting an apartment choices locally . The cost can be cheaper than a hotel, so you will save money on eating out and some even close to the center than the guests .
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