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Author: Author: Phan Minh Dung; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 27/01/2023 .Views: 45 lượt. [Print]
Looking back at half of term implementing the Resolution of Town Party Committee'S Party Congress; in Dien Ban's context in particular, the whole country and Quang Nam province in general were heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic on all social life's aspects; difficulties and challenges in terms of capital and human resources, inadequacies in mechanisms and policies of the State, disadvantages in the development process, complaints and lawsuits in the field of land, land clearance Equally, the construction order have an increasing and complicated tendency.

That has adversely affected the town's development. However, with the consensus and joint efforts of the whole political system and the people in the town, we have achieved quite comprehensive achievements in all fields.

It can be said that the most important result is that Dien Ban has effectively implemented the policy and direction of its superiors on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in accordance with the actual situation, especially the Strategy "Like respond safely, flexibly, and effectively control the Covid-19 epidemic", thereby contributing to "dual goal" - successfully promoting economic recovery and development as well as successfully preventing and controlling the epidemic. The total economy production value in 2020, 2021 will reach nearly 21,000 billion VND, in 2022 it will reach 23,774 billion VND; economic structure, labor structure shift towards industry - service. State budget revenue is always in the top of the province. Total social development investment capital increase 12-13%/year, reaching 4,000 billion VND in 2022. Transport infrastructure, works: North Quang Nam Sports and Fitness Center, Cultural Center, Central Park, Mother Thu Park, Lakeside area Administrative center, lighting works, green trees, schools, urban areas... continue to be invested, creating a prosperous, spacious and promising appearance for Dien Ban urban Town.

Culture, society, and education field has continued to achieve positive results; Remarkable: Dien Ban successfully organized the Celebrations: 60 years of "Dong Khoi" movement at Dien Ban and the battle of Dien Ngoc Heroes, 75 years of War Invalids and Martyrs' Day, 420 years of Thanh Chiem Palace; associated with the 25th anniversary of Quang Nam province re-establishment, the National Tourism Year - Quang Nam 2022. Promulgating the Projects: Development and application of information technology, building the town's digital government; developming a number of cultural fields; broadcasting career in 2022 – 2026 period. Gratitude, the policy of people with meritorious services, social security to take better care of, the people's living standards are improved, the per capita income reaches nearly 70 million VND/person/year, the poverty rate decreased to 0.79%.

    In political security, social order and safety field, although it is a hotly developed locality, many factors that have complicated impacts on security and order, but in the past time, Dien Ban has continued to maintain a peaceful environment life; The Executive Committee of the Town Party Committee has issued and led the implementation of Resolution 01-NQ/TU, dated October 7, 2020 on the prevention and control of drugs, gambling and black credit. Local defense and military tasks are enhanced; leading the effective implementation of the Party and State's policy on combining socio-economic development with national defense and security. With successfully completing the exercise in the town's defense area, Dien Ban is the leading unit in Quang Nam province in 2022.

Party building and rectification were identified as a key task by Dien Ban town's Party Committee, with many measures to build the Party in terms of politics, ideology, organization and morality. To thoroughly grasp and fully concretize Party's resolutions and guidelines; the focus is on Conclusion 01-KL/TW of the Politburo on continuing to implement Directive 05 on promoting study and following Ho Chi Minh's thought, morality and style; Conclusion 21-KL/TW of the Central Committee on accelerating the building and rectification of the Party and the political system; resolutely prevent, repel, and strictly handle cadres and party members who have degraded in political ideology, morality and lifestyle, showing "self-evolution" and "self-transformation"; Resolutions, directives and conclusions of the Central Committee and Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee on personnel organization, inspection, supervision, anti-corruption and negative work...

From 85-90% of grassroots party organizations successfully complete their tasks, develop new party members, and always achieve and exceed the set targets every year. Staff work is focused on directing implementation with synchronous and practical solutions. Especially, Dien Ban Town Party Committee has issued and led the implementation of the thematic resolution on rotation and mobilization of cadres from different stages in period 2021-2025; There have been 08 communes - wards where have Commune-level Party Committee secretary not a local, by 2025, reaching 80% of communes and wards. Directing the organization of socio-political organization congresses  to ensure the requirements set forth. The political system has been consolidated, consolidated, the leadership capacity and combat strength of the Party committees and organizations, management and administration of the government, the activities of the Fatherland Front and associations and unions are increasingly meeting the requirements of tasks.

However, looking back at the past half of the term, we see that Dien Ban still has limitations, exists in socio-economic development, there are still worries, concerns of officials, party members, people. Because development investment resources have not met the requirements; Local industry, trade and services have not had a breakthrough, and agriculture is unsustainable. The management of planning, current status and construction order in some places is weak and lax. Site clearance and resettlement still have many unresolved and unresolved problems affecting the progress of projects, especially real estate projects in the transaction area when the basis is not guaranteed, many legal risks, potential instability in terms of security and order. The application of information technology in management and administration activities has achieved some initial results, but progress is still slow. Building cultural and civilized urban life has not yet gone into depth; environmental protection sense in some places is not good; some problems about social evils, drugs, black credit are very worrying. The party building work present did not meet the set requirements.

Dien Ban is facing great opportunities in the coming years.It is forecast that the general situation of the country and the province will have positive changes after the Covid-19 pandemic; in the condition that Dien Ban has completed the urban planning to 2030, with a vision to 2045, complete the dossiers and procedures to request the recognition of 5 communes along National Highway 1A into wards and submit them to the competent authorities for approval; together with the important achievements that the Party Committee, administration and people of the town have achieved and the experiences accumulated in the development process, the heroic tradition of the homeland, the unity and determination In politics, the high consensus from the Party Committee to the People were important sources of internal strength for development in the coming years. The support of the Central Government, Quang Nam province, the active participation in investment and development of enterprises are important advantages and motivations to promote the town development process.

    Dien Ban Town Party Committee identified and set out a number of key directions and tasks in order to ensure the completion of targets, objectives and tasks in the spirit of the Resolution Dien Ban town Party Committee Congress XXIII, term 2020-2025; specifically:

Firstly, Dien Ban continues to strengthen leadership in the work of building the Party and building the political system; especially in terms of organization and staff. Further improve the leadership capacity and combat strength of Party committees at all levels; perform well the State management in all fields. Focus on effectively implementing the Projects in the fields approved by Town People's Council. Direct the settlement and removal of backlogs, difficulties and problems according to their competence. Consolidate and strengthen the People's trust and consensus in the process of implementing local socio-economic development guidelines, programs and plans.

Secondly, Dien Ban needs to mobilize and effectively use all resources, creating a breakthrough in the construction of socio-economic infrastructure; focus on implementing the General Planning and urban development program of Dien Ban until 2030, with a vision to 2045 after approval by competent authorities. Synchronously deploy solutions to build e-government, orienting smart city. Continue to invest in cultural and social infrastructure to meet development requirements; invest in large-scale community parks, cultural institutions associated with promoting historical and cultural relics...

Well performing compensation and site clearance is an important task of the whole political system from the town to the grassroots, the heads of the Party Committees and local authorities; focus on projects of provinces and towns. Strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of State management of land, planning and construction order management; regularly inspect, supervise and strictly handle cases of land encroachment and illegal construction.

Third, Dien Ban continues to better promote local advantages to create a favorable investment environment, through the work of connecting information, solving administrative procedures (establishment of enterprises, land, premises, taxes, etc.), properly and fully implement the State's mechanisms and policies on investment. Paying attention to solving difficulties and problems after investment, supporting and creating favorable, transparent and harmonious production and business conditions, so that enterprises can feel secure for stable and long-term investment; focus on attracting investment in the fields of services, tourism and hi-tech agriculture.

Fourth, continue to take care of cultural and social field development ; building a healthy and civilized cultural environment; solve social security problems. Well invest in facilities and equipment to maintain and improve the school's quality up to national standards and achieve quality accreditation; improve the quality of comprehensive education, focusing on spearhead education, life skills, ethics and career guidance for students. Leading and coordinating in the development of health and people's health care. Continue to promote the sustainable poverty reduction program, strive to have no more poor households and improve the people's quality of life by the end of the term.

Fifth, build the all-people national defense, the all-people defense posture is associated with the People's security posture, and the town becomes a solid defense area. Focus on building political, economic, defense and security potentials. Well perform the prevention and fight against all counter-plots of the hostile forces. Proactively and promptly deal with all security-defense situations occurring in the area. Effectively implement the work of preventing and fighting attacks and suppressing crimes and social evils, especially drugs, gambling, black credit..., creating a safe environment in order to the people feel secure in production, daily life.

Year 2022 has ended, a new year 2023 comes to heaven and earth, everything brings new joy and excitement about the achievements and of homeland development prospects. Although there are still many difficulties and obstacles, we firmly believe that Dien Ban Party Committee, government and people will unite with one heart, strive to emulate, strive to achieve victory. The 21st Congress of the  Dien Ban Town Party Committee Resolution has created a solid foundation for Dien Ban to become a grade III urban area before 2030.

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