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Author: Author: Gia Khang; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 21/01/2023 .Views: 32 lượt. [Print]
Many OCOP products, Dien Ban craft village products have affirmed their brand, creating a stable market, creating jobs, increasing incomes for people, contributing to the conservation and effective exploitation of cultural values, indigenous resources.


          At the end of September 2022, for the first time, the youtube channel introducing products of Au Lac Art Wood Co., Ltd (Dien Phong) reached the golden button when it reached 1 million subscribers. That event became a memorable milestone not only for Au Lac wood but also affirms the attraction of a typical OCOP product, craft village product, and typical rural industrial product in the town. Through short clips recording the process of making and finishing products, Au Lac's artisans brought viewers the excitement when they directly witnessed the birth of fine art wood products in the most lively way.

          OCOP products, typical handicraft village products and typical rural industrial products (collectively referred to as rural products) are no longer strange to consumers because of their good quality and beautiful designs in recent years. Many OCOP products have confirmed their position in the market. At Au Lac Art Wood Co. Ltd., on average, dozens of products of all kinds are shipped every month. They are mainly models of cartoon characters, comics... Most of the customers come from countries around the world such as USA, France, Australia, Taiwan…

          25 products of 18 subjects  recognized by the Provincial People's Committee to meet OCOP standards by 2022. Most of them belong to the group of handicraft products and processed foods. Along with that, dozens of traditional craft villages and hundreds of production facilities and households are scattered among the people. Some OCOP products such as Go Noi green asparagus juice (Dien Quang), Huong Bot cereal powder (Vinh Dien), Ha Quang fish sauce (Dien Duong)... are gradually gaining a foothold in the market in large consumption quantities. Particularly for Ha Quang Fish Sauce Facility, on average, nearly 100 liters of fish sauce and 50 kg of fish sauce are exported to the market every day. Customers are almost everywhere, from Hoi An, Da Nang to Saigon, Hanoi ...


  In addition to the rigorous evaluation and classification process according to the prescribed standards and the effectiveness of propaganda, promotion and introduction of good products, the factor that creates attraction for Dien Ban rural products is the belief of consumers about a safe, quality local product. In particular, the relentless efforts of the subjects in improving quality, designs, labels, and packaging associated with e-commerce activities... have contributed to establishing a stable foothold for products. Dien Ban rural products on the market well received by partners and customers.

          Dien Ban always identified rural product development as an effective way to help create livelihoods, improve people's incomes, and contribute to preserving cultural values and indigenous resources. In particular, finding outputs for products and improving the value chain of goods become important issues to realize this goal. Despite achieving positive results, in general, the development of rural products in Dien Ban has not been commensurate with the potential and inherent advantages over the past. Most rural enterprises and production establishments in the town are small-scale or family-owned, with low and unstable market prices, mainly retail. The supply of large orders is almost has not been met. More ever, there has not been a meeting between the manufacturer and the product distributor.

          Mr. Huynh Duy Chuong - Director of Huynh Khoi Hung Co., Ltd., the management company of Giadamart Da Nang mini supermarket system, acknowledged that the current owners only focus on production, not paying attention to the market, not paying attention to consumer's trends, including business rules, although most of they are very good producers with good design quality. “I have raised problems with some manufacturers in Dien Ban about business cooperation such as discount programs, consignment, exchange policy for expired goods, including the requirement to provide certificates of hygiene and safety food, barcodes, invoices, product vouchers, etc. Most of them are confused because they don't understand the business methods because most of them operate in a family-style, even though they produce very well, with high quality. The design is very good, but it is not enough to bring goods to the market in large quantities to be not competitive enough," said Mr. Chuong.


  In fact, in recent years, many mechanisms and policies for the development and consumption of rural products have been promulgated and guided by all levels, branches of the province and town in order to develop rural products in accordance with chain link law, creating local key strong products in the direction of diversification and deep processing, but the results are just beginning. Mr. Nguyen Duc Choi- Head of Dien Ban town Economic Department affirmed that the town always creates favorable conditions for subjects to participate in production and business activities such as promoting and introducing products at events, fairs, connecting with distributors to bring goods to the market, contributing to improving production and business efficiency of subjects. In particular, encourage small and medium-sized enterprises, cooperatives and business households to develop in association with restructuring the agricultural industry, developing craft villages.  Traditional production facilities base on natural resources and identites the creativity of local people helps to increase the value of goods. “A lot of support programs from training, coaching, technical guidance, application of advanced machinery and equipment to branding, orientation planning for the production of goods and services have been implemented by the town in the past time to help economic organizations develop production along the complete value chain, create products of high quality, step by step towards products meeting national and international standards. That will contribute to improving productivity, create jobs for employees, increaserevenue for the production facilities, contributing to local socio-economic development", shared Mr. Choi.
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