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Dien Ban Urban Development looking back after 7 years
Author: Author:Tran Uc - Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 21/01/2023 .Views: 39 lượt. [Print]
On May 14, 2016, after a year when Dien Ban was recognized as a Town, , Quang Nam province People's Committee issued Decision No. 1367/QD-UBND approving the Dien Ban Urban Development Project to 2020 with a vision to 2035 to mobilize resources for urban development investment in the town. Over nearly 7 years, the socio-economy and Dien Ban urban appearance has made quite clear changes, reflected in the areas:

Industry and services continued to grow well, holding the force role  and impacting on promoting the development of other industries and fields. Dien Ban town is one of Quang Nam province's localities  with high budget revenue, ensuring self-balancing. The mechanical population increases rapidly, the population density in urban areas is increasing; Since then, the local labor structure has also changed in a positive direction.

Urban infrastructure has been invested and built; architecture, urban landscape have been increasingly spacious. Projects to preserve and upgrade historical and cultural relics in the area have received proper attention and investment. Urban utilities and people's quality of life are increasingly improved.

The suburban area with the National target program on new rural development achieved important results. Dien Ban town is maintaining new rural development's standards and improving the quality to build a model New Year residential area, building  enhanced new rural commune with many synchronous and positive solutions.

Urban development program has created a driving force to mobilize maximum investment resources in almost all economic sectors and fields, in which a number of priority areas are focused such as urban infrastructure, transportation, electricity grid, water supply and drainage, education, health care, culture and sports... Currently, Dien Ban town is completing procedures to submit to the Government and the National Assembly to recognize 5 more communes as wards: Dien Phuong, Dien Minh, Dien Thang Nam, Thang Trung, and Thang Bac, raising the urbanization rate to over 60%.

Although the results are positive as mentioned, according to consulting unit's assessment, to reach the urban standard of grade III (according to Resolution No. 1210, Resolution No. 26 of the National Assembly Standing Committee on urban classification), many criterias and standards of Dien Ban town are still quite modest: There are only 2 criterias to achieve the maximum score: Population size; Non-farm employee rate. There are 2 criteria to achieve the average score: Urban population density; Level of infrastructure development and urban landscape architecture. One criterion has not been scored: Position, function, role, structure and level of socio-economic development. If analyzed further by detailed assessment of urban standards, only 31/63 standards achieved maximum points, 17/63 standards achieved average scores, 5/63 standards achieved minimum scores and 10 /63 standards have not been reached.

Dien Ban strives to reach Grade III urban standard before 2030 in the spirit of the XXIII Town Party Congress's Resolution (or strive by 2025 about approving urban classification plan of Prime Minister according to the Prime Minister's Decision 241/QD-TTg). First of all, Dien Ban adjusts the urban master plan on the basis of Quang Nam province's development plan in the period of 2021 - 2030, with a vision to 2050;

Dien Ban Eastern region planning with the goal in the new period is:

To build and develop Dien Ban into a cultural, ecological and modern urban center in the direction of synchronous technical and social infrastructure; have good quality of living environment, ensure safety, clean - green - bright, in harmony with nature.

Urban development must go hand in hand with improving the quality of people's material, cultural and spiritual life; improve the quality of human resources in association with efficient and economical landusing, environmental protection, and response to climate change; building urban civilized cultural lifestyle, urban identity; ensuring national defense and security; build a strong political system.

Control developing urban development areas according to planning, step by step perfecting standards and criterias in order to improve urban quality; at the same time, bring into play Dien Ban town strengths for socio-economic development.

With 5 criterias to reach grade III urban standard according to Resolution No. 1210 and Resolution No. 26 of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, the town has achieved 2 criterias at the maximum level, and the remaining 3 criterias need attention:

Criteria 1: Planning and organizing implementation to Dien Ban become to one of the provincial administrative centers, a general center for economy, finance, culture, education, training, and health, tourism, science and technology, transport hub as well asthe role of promoting the socio-economic development of the province and inter-provincial regions.

Criteria 3: Creating a good living environment for natural and mechanical population growth in association with the human resources quality; vocational training associated with job creation; urban infrastructure development associated with social security. Dien Ban need to Invest in building more cultural works, parks, amusement parks, social houses, workers' houses... for 5 Eastern wards.

Criteria 5: Investing, constructing and upgrading of technical and social infrastructure projects and works in urban areas not only ensure technical, quality, and humorous space, but also ensure aesthetics, architecture, rich in cultural nuances and creating accents and differences. Managimg construction investment according to the approved general planning, improving the position and role of the city. Implementing digital transformation, building green, modern and smart cities.

From now to 2025, beside completely investing in infrastructure of urban-commercial housing development projects in the East and along National Highway 1A, Dien Ban need to focus on public investment resources to complete a number of key projects such as: Northern Ring Road; Van Ly bridge and connecting path form Cam Ly intersection, connecting path 609B; Phong Thu Bridge; Main axis of Dien Nam-Dien Ngoc New Urban Area; Dredging and embellishing the landscape of Co Co river; Go Noi Regional Center Square; Phuong An urban large square; New Urban wastewater treatment system; 1500-2000 social housing, workers…

Developing agriculture of Dien Ban's western region in association with building a model new rural area and an enhanced new rural area. Through start-up projects to encourage the development of community tourism, craft village tourism..., building "streets in the village" to create different and novel tourism products in villages recognized asmodel new rural; provide many urban utilities to continuously improve people's living standards.

After 7 years, the Class IV Urban Development Program of Dien Ban town has many encouraging results, however there are many shortcomings that must be adjusted and resolved such as: Some urban development projects do not comply with the planning, develop in a small way ; asynchronous infrastructure, lack of connection causing local flooding; lack of infrastructure for culture, education, services and entertainment; lack of social housing ... In terms of governance, it also creates many dark areas such as investor selection with poor financial capacity, improper capital mobilization, debting for land use; residential land allocation is not in accordance with the contractual commitments creating a "hot spot" forcing the whole political system to get involved, but it has not been resolved for many years.

Through the above experience lessons as well as facing many difficulties and challenges, but with a long-term vision of the adjusted urban development master plan and the new urban development program to 2030 and 2045, the support and assistance of the central and provincial governments, the business community, internal capacity, we firmly believe that Dien Ban will have a spectacular development, becoming a green and smart city; Dien Ban city with its own characteristics of Quang people will be coming soon./.

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