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Industrial cluster infrastructure synchronization
Author: Author: Phu Trung; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 25/01/2022 .Views: 234 lượt. [Print]
After more than 10 years of basically becoming an industrial district (2010), Dien Ban has changed from an agricultural district to a town (in 2015) and now Dien Ban is focusing on strong development to become an urban area in the North of Quang Nam. In town's total industrial value, industrial clusters also contribute to the economic structure shifting in the right direction. In 2021, industrial clusters's production value in the area will reach VND 1,141 billion, an increase of 5.58% compared to 2020.

Resolution on directions and tasks in 2022 of Dien Ban Town Party Committee: "Investing in industrial clusters, focusing on solving and removing shortcomings and obstacles in site clearance to invest in infrastructure of industrial clusters, step by step perfect the synchronous infrastructure (...) Well implementing policies to support and create conditions for private enterprises to apply and transfer advanced technologies in order to improve productivity and efficiency of business production; At the same time, guiding to support enterprises in developing and implementing production plans "safely adapting to the Covid-19 epidemic". Prioritizing investment attraction in industries that create great added value, apply high technology, and don't pollute the environment, together with resolutely requesting the competent authorities to stop investing in the project is not implemented, violates regulations on law on land and environmental protection”.

   Currently, there are  09 craft villages and industrial clusters have been approved with detailed planning in 10 industrial clusters of Dien Ban. 78 enterprises registered investment with a total investment capital of about VND4,129.37 billion. The registered land area for lease is 175.66 ha, the average occupancy rate of the industrial clustersis 93.14%. With 41 enterprises operating in stable production and business, every year, about 4,732 employees are arranged.

Town's industrial clusters have basic advantages that were good external infrastructure, near Da Nang city, on the main North-South traffic axes. However, due to limited resources, over the past time, infrastructure investment in industrial clusters has not been synchronized and complete such as Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc Industrial Park, so it mainly attracts domestic enterprises with scale and small medium. The town has prioritized choosing environmentally friendly projects and created jobs for many local workers. The town continue to invest in infrastructure construction to put Thai Son Industrial Park (Dien Tien) into operation as planned and add a new West Dien Ban Industrial cluster in Dien Phuoc Commune In the coming time. Industrial zone development contributes to the completion of the town's general industrial goals, bringing in revenue, creating stable jobs, and improving people's living standards.

Out of 9 operating industrial zones, the largest industrial cluster is Trang Nhat 1, located in two communes of Dien Thang Trung and Dien Thang Nam with a total area of ​​52.25 ha, occupancy rate of 96.56% with 18 enterprises that have rented land for production and business investment. During the year, Trang Nhat 1 industrial cluster contributed to creating jobs for 1265 workers. The smallest cluster is Van Ly, in Dien Quang commune, established in 2017. The total planned area is 3 hectares, the occupancy rate is 91.71%. Currently, Van Ly industrial cluster has only 1 investment enterprise, dealing with about 250 local workers. Dong Khuong craft village has been approved for planning since 2009 with a total area of ​​7,224 hectares. Because the characteristics of craft villages in the town are small and unstable production, businesses have not focused on this industrial cluster. Currently, only 2 establishments such as Nguyen Van Tiep woodcarving and Le Duc Ha pottery are operating, creating jobs for about 60 workers in the craft village at height. This is one of the regrettable points. So, that need the best support policy for craft village establishments to move into production and business activities. That solve not only the scattered distribution, environmental pollution, noise pollution, unfavorable traffic of craft establishments in residential areas, but also contribute to building Dong Khuong craft village cluster into a concentrated craft village area, becoming an attractive destination for tourists. Dien Ban with many typical traditional craft villages is a distinct tourism product, but in order to affirm the brand and successfully attract tourists, there must be perseverance, facilitation, and consensus between the government, employees, the people and businesses, owers of craft villages.

   According to Dien Ban town Economic Office's report - management agency of the industrial clusters, the reason for the industrial parks existing limits is the lack of investment capital in technical infrastructure, which has not yet met the needs of enterprises. Wastewater treatment systems, sidewalks, trees, electricity and lighting... are not synchronized, and  using public services and utilities have not yet been charged. Onverting technical infrastructure investment by the state into enterprises as investors is an effective industrial clusters management model in the coming time. Calling for tenders, selecting investors according to the criteria for construction, management, business and exploitation of industrial clusters technical infrastructure works system.

In sympathy when witnessing thousands of people "flee" big cities and industrial zones in oder to find way back hen did we see the full value of the lesson "ly nông nhưng bất ly hương (Can quit job but can't leave homeland)"!  Along with industrial parks in the area, investing in the development of local industrial clusters is the most effective solution for people to have stable jobs at homeland. That contributes to building Dien Ban richer and stronger.

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