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Young farmers start business from Organic Agriculture
Author: Author: Ha An; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 25/01/2022 .Views: 248 lượt. [Print]
Organic production has become an inevitable trend of agriculture on the world. Not to be left out, young farmers in Dien Ban town have step by step promoted the development of organic agriculture, considering this a sustainable direction to contribute to solving outstanding problems such as quality standards, regulations , production process... towards bringing agricultural products to occupy large and potential markets.

In recent years, Dien Ban clean agriculture has developed strongly and achieved remarkable achievements in terms of productivity, output, product diversity and production scale, ensuring consumption inside and outside the town. Today, organic agriculture model, creating clean and safe products are suitable to the needs of consumers in Dien Ban town.

Setting their heart on clean agriculture

   Finding the alluvial land along the river in Tan Thanh village, Dien Phong commune, we were quite surprised by the story of an young people group, who still decided to return to their hometown to become a farmer despite having a stable job and income. They established the group "Go Noi Organic Vegetables". There are 10 young people who are children of Dien Phong's hometown in 12 members.

Looking at Nguyen Tan Phap smeared among the vegetable fields, no one would think that he was once a construction technician. A Phap's day starts at 6:30 A.M when he carrys vegetables to the city for customers. In the afternoon, he takes care of the vegetable garden until the sun goes down before returning home. It's so hard, but Phap is one of many young people in Dien Ban town who opened their way with the model of organic vegetable growing for the passion of clean agriculture.

According to Nguyen Tan Phap, realizing that clean agricultural product market is very potential, while currently dirty and unsafe food is overflowing. It is difficult for consumers to recognize. However, when starting to work, it is not simple, the price is higher than vegetables grown by traditional methods, so it is difficult to compete. Consumers do not really believe in clean agricultural products, so, to create trust for consumers, the brand building is a very important.

Quit job in the city … go back to the countryside to grow vegetables

Leaving a stable job in the street, 29-year-old girl Bui Thi Thanh Suong from Dien Ngoc ward has returned to her hometown to grow hydroponic vegetables, and currently has an income of more than 20 million VND/month. Thanh Suong said that after graduating from University with a major in accounting and working in Da Nang for a short time, Suong realized that the demand for clean vegetables was of particular interest to the people. Since then, she decided to leave the city and return to her hometown to grow hydroponic vegetables that she had cherished since her student days.

After learning and being well aware of clean vegetable brand, Suong bravely borrowed money from relatives plus the accumulated amount of more than VND100 million, she established Kapi Tropical Garden One Member Co., Ltd. and invest in a hydroponic vegetable growing system. Bui Thi Thanh Suong recalls, in early 2017, after researching through books and newspapers, participating in many front-end seminars with farmers producing clean vegetables by high technology, visiting some vegetable growing models in Da Lat ( Lam Dong), she decided to choose the hydroponic vegetable growing solution because it is suitable for the central climate and initially brings high economic efficiency.

“When put my hand to the hydroponic vegetable growing model, I did not receive the support of my family. My father and mother are afraid that their girl will suffer when do farmer. However, after a long time of persuasion, realizing my determination, my parents supported and helped me realize my dream. Although growing vegetables is very familiar with the family's farming tradition, I always have to learn more high-tech agricultural knowledge...", shared ms Bui Thi Thanh Suong.

   According to observations, each m2 produced by hydroponic method gives 2-3 times higher income than traditional vegetable production method. With the investment and methodical calculation, Suong has provided clean vegetables to "fastidious customers" in Da Nang city, Hoi An, high-class restaurants, clean agricultural product supermarkets, with prices from VND60 – 70,000/kg depending on the type of vegetable. On average, Suong supplies more than 100kg of vegetables and fruits to the market every day, with a monthly revenue of over VND 50 million, minus the interest expense of over VND 20 million/month. Currently, a brand of clean vegetables called "Kapi Tropical Garden" has been gaining the trust of customers.

There are many ways to start a business. Not only Nguyen Tan Phap, Bui Thi Thanh Suong but also many young people in Dien Ban choose starting a business from organic agriculture as one of the right directions for them . Although they know that starting a business is never easy for rural youth, the initial effectiveness from the organic agricultural production model is inspiring many young people in Dien Ban to get rich in their own homeland.

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