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Dien Ban - urban government management in the digital transformation process
Author: Author: Tran Uc; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 25/01/2022 .Views: 341 lượt. [Print]
E-government is a government that applies information technology (IT) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state agencies' operations, increase publicity, transparency, provide better public services to the people and businesses. Digital government is a government that puts all of its activities in the digital environment, innovates its operating model, changes the way in which services are provided based on digital technology and data, allowing businesses to participate service delivery process. In other words, this is the government's digital transformation.

Digital transformation is a long process with varying speeds and scales; Different areas require vision, roadmap and effective execution plan step by step. Building digital government is an inevitable trend for urban areas sustainably developing, meeting the leadership and administration needs of the government, the most optimal service use needs of people and businesses.

The Government has identified the task of building an E-Government, towards a Digital Government, a digital society and a digital economy as one of the top priorities in the 2016-2020 period to create solid foundations for the comprehensive digital transformation in the period of 2021 - 2030. Over the years, Quang Nam province has issued and organized the implementation of many key guidelines, mechanisms, policies and projects to create a favorable environment for developing e-government, digital government and digital transformation with the aim of building a  smart cities.

   For Dien Ban town, IT application into state management activities has brought positive effects, leading for many years in the provincial administrative reform. Digital government development is inevitable and objective in order to take advantage of opportunities and exploit the inherent advantages of the town. Orienting and setting specific steps for Dien Ban to become a connected city for sustainable development in the digital transformation process, especially building digital government is necessary and very important. In Notice No. 231/TB-UBND dated July 5, 2019 of Quang Nam Province People's Committee determined: "After Tam Ky city, Quang Nam province will orient Dien Ban town as the next locality to implement smart urban projects”

Currently, all agencies, departments, agencies, organizations and People's Committees of 20 communes and wards have connected to high-speed fiber optic internet and have Wifi coverage. Percentage of households using the Internet 54.37%; the percentage of people using smart phones is 57.88%. The online television system at town People's Committees and communes and wards is used in a timely and effective manner in meetings and directing operations. Town's "One Stop Shop" department and the communes - wards are equipped with basic machines and software to meet the job requirements. The rate of outgoing/incoming documents being transferred completely on the network environment (not using paper documents at all) is over 90%.

From 2020, the Town People's Committee has implemented the provision of online public services at levels 3 and 4 for 76 procedures. By 2021, the province has deployed the application "Quang Nam online" to receive and process people's complaints and recommendations through smart mobile devices to serve the interaction between people and authorities at all levels, helping to quickly and promptly resolve people's complaints and suggestions.

With Internet development, cloud computing, big data analysis tools, artificial intelligence have been having a strong impact on economic and social fields. In management, the development of digital government with modern infrastructure on the cloud computing platform, applications, information systems, databases and human resources for management and operation... has contributed to the implementation of modernizing the administrative system target, improving the management, administration and service capacity of state agencies.

   On the other hand, information technology, has very fast generational change cycle. Therefore, there are always certain risks involved when choosing to implement projects. In some places, there is a state of modern infrastructure, but the quality of the database lacks high reliability and don't meet analytical calculations... Another challenge is  level raising and awareness about  digital transformation  in the contingent of cadres and civil servants, employees at state agencies and all classes of people in the locality. Therefore, investment in information communication, training and professional development should be focused and  regularly and continuously implemented.

In Dien Ban town by 2030, the target in building digital government is built on three main pillars: technical infrastructure, people, applications; divided into 2 phases:

Phase 2021- 2025

Phase 2025-2030

Technical infrastructure

Upgrading network infrastructure, facilities and equipment to meet operational requirements, ensuring information safety and security

The IT-communication infrastructure is synchronously and modernly developed to meet the operational requirements of officials and public employees and provide services and utilities for the people, ensuring information safety and security.


Development of IT human resources, professional and professional training; Information and propaganda to raise awareness about digital transformation for employees staff and people.

IT human resource quality develops to meet the requirements of administration and deployment of IT applications in all agencies, departments and localities. Raising awareness, transforming the awareness of each cadre, party member, civil servant, public employee, citizen, and enterprise about digital transformation.


Create specialized databases; Develop IT applications to serve the construction of digital government in management, administration, and provision of services and utilities for the people.

Most of the management and administration activities of state agencies are carried out through digital applications. All records and documents for storage and operation of specialized agencies in the area are digitized and database is built. The interaction between the government and the people and businesses is done mainly through the network environment

Above process contents has been developed into the project "Developing IT applications, building a digital government in Dien Ban town by 2025 with a vision to 2030" with a total amount of VND95 billion (not yet available land digitization project) ) by the town's People's Committee and it will be submitted toTown People's Council for approval. Next is :

- Extensive communication to officials, people and businesses about IT application, building the town's digital government; ensure that people and businesses in the town understand,  access and use services provided by digital government.

- Organizing training courses, fostering, training knowledge on building digital government for leaders and officials, civil servants, officials of departments, units and localities.

- Investment in software, databases, IT facilities serving the construction of digital government in Dien Ban town.

- Monitor, examine and urge agencies, departments and localities to perform assigned tasks; maintaining the mode of briefing the Town steering committee to evaluate and implement the tasks under the Scheme.

   Process of building digital government in Dien Ban town still has many difficulties and challenges when the Covid-19 is still complicated and unpredictable. However, as a locality rich in cultural traditions, studious and Dien Ban has a young population, a high percentage of people using smartphones, and a dynamic and hight determined government leadership and corporate governance team, we believe that the construction of the digital government in Dien Ban town will be successful sooner than expected.
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