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Relax in the Peaceful bamboo garden.
Author: Author: Thanh Quyt; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 19/01/2022 .Views: 241 lượt. [Print]
Dien Tien commune is not only famous for Bo Bo pine hill, which is likened to a miniature Da Lat in the heart of Quang Nam, or the relic of the famous historical Bo Bo Victory Monument; Recently, Vuon Truc tourist attraction has been visited by a large number of tourists to find a world of peace, relief, and get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Vuon Truc tourist attraction is attractive because of its friendliness with nature, bringing a peace sense to visitors. Bamboo species gradually caught the eye of tourists with admiration. From the Cam Ly junction in Dien Hong commune, follow the smooth concrete road to the top of Bo Bo hill, turn left to the small red dirt road with a signboard. Here the Bo Bo Victory Monument appears on the top of pine hill. From the monument, turn right for a few hundred meters, we will meet the large and cool Vuon Truc Eco-tourism area with poetic and charming landscape. Going deep inside, guests seem to be lost in the world of the bamboo species. The whole large garden is covered with all kinds of bamboo. The garden owner cleverly arranges the bamboo clumps to help the garden become flexible, lively and not boring.

     Not merely that, the owner is also careful with neat swings with teapots where visitors stop to rest. The garden is dotted with a clear blue lake radiating lotus scent with fish flocked together swimming around. There are countless beautiful flowers on the paths. The garden owner chooses to plant wild flowers associated with the Vietnamese countryside such as jessamine flowers, marigolds, banana flowers, etc. The sound of birds chirping and singing can be heard throughout the forest.

According to research, recently, taking pictures outside trend, yearbook photos to save beautiful moments of youth is loved by many young people. Young people come to this peaceful Vuon Truc Eco-tourism to "check-in" the photos of a lifetime. With a large green space, Vuon Truc Eco-tourism is a really ideal destination for picnics, camping, yearbook photography, wedding photos.

The road to Truc Garden is covered with shade by green pine trees, giving you a cool and pleasant feeling; Feast your eyes on a on the wonderful scenery of the countryside, fields, lively and charming rivers.

Mss Truong Thi Nhu Quynh - Dien Thang Trung commune shared: "Taking advantage of our free time on the weekend, I with a group of friends went to the bamboo garden to take pictures. It's really interesting here. Fresh, quiet air along with the immense green color of the straight bamboo create a very unique look. So, few places have it.

     Besides that, small huts in the middle of the lake or small tents located under the bamboo canopy designed in house on stilts are ideal accommodation space for guests far away. The food here is cluding rustic country-style dishes with a menu of vegetables, pork rice paper, garden chicken, dishes made from fish raised in a lotus pond...

Vuon Truc eco-tourism area is the highlight of Dien Ban tourism picture, distributed on many hectares, in the area of Bo Bo pine hill, associated with the historical site of the Bo Bo victory, the large Caribbean pine hill area. This attraction is only about ten kilometers from Da Nang and it is a potential destination that needs to be unearthed.

Coming to Vuon Truc, you will feel like entering the world of memories - where the image of your familiar homeland is preserved. The scenery here puts on a fresh green shirt - the pure green color of bamboo leaves, the immense blue of the sky, as well as the green colors of other trees that make anyone entering feel. We feel very calm, ease.

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