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Sustainable agricultural development
Author: Author: Khanh Linh; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 18/01/2022 .Views: 208 lượt. [Print]
Green growth, development of farm economic models, sustainable production areas are identified as the main directions of Dien Ban's agriculture industry today and in the coming years.

     Farm model

        On the last day of the year, Tam Rau ecological orchard farm of Mr. Phan Quang Tam (Dien Phuoc commune) was crowded. His Taiwanese pear guavas like inviting people to come. At the price of VND 25,000 for a kilogam, Mr. Tam's farm sells guava pears about 10,000 VND higher than the market price. According to him, the factor that makes the difference is product quality. He does not use chemical fertilizers to almost all fruit trees of Tam Rau farm. He uses microbial fertilizers, green manures, and environmentally friendly organic manures. Currently, the farm has about 500 Taiwanese pear roots, these are wrong variety of guava, fragrant and crispy. On average, three times a year, he makes a profit of about 500,000 VND/tree after deducting costs.

          Agricultural production according to concentrated farm model has become the main direction of Dien Ban in recent years. Up to now, the whole town has 62 farms that meet the criteria prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, most of which operate in a closed manner in combination with husbandry (fish, chicken, duck, cow, pig...). In particular, pig farms associated with businesses bring good results, contributing to increasing incomes and creating jobs for many local workers.


   According to Mr. Van Duc Thu in Ha My Dong B block, Dien Duong, with this linkage form, farm owners don't worry about market prices or product output because the company guarantees the supply of seed, feed, and food and product consumption. So the income should be stable. Currently, Mr. Thu is affiliated with C.P Vietnam Livestock Joint Stock Company - Da Nang branch to raise 4,000 pigs. With an average payment of VND 3,800 - 4,800/kg (live weight) (depending on the percentage of dead pigs, the percentage of slop remainder...), the company has to pay to Mr. Thu for each brood (5 months on average) is up to several hundred million dong. Dien Ban has about 24 pig farms, most of them are concentrated in the East of the town.

          According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Choi - Head of Dien Ban Economic Department, the farm model and production area play an important role in agricultural and rural development as well as contributing to the household economy stabilization in Dien Ban today and in the future. Besides, pig farms and concentrated cow breeding models are also appearing more and more, especially in Go Noi. Two hamlets of Ben Den and Phu Tay have nearly 300 households organizing concentrated cow breeding with over 1,000 cows (out of a total of nearly 4,300 cows in Dien Quang commune). In addition to cow husbandry, Dien Quang commune has also planned large areas of raw materials such as: peanuts in Phu Dong village (10 hectares), strawberries in Ben Den village (5 hectares)... forming specialized production areas in the direction of goods.

          Towards sustainability

In the Project "Sustainable agricultural development associated with the implementation of the national target program on building new rural areas and developing Dien Ban urban area in the period of 2022 - 2025, with a vision to 2030", has been identified agriculture, forestry and fishery will be restructured towards sustainable development, improving quality, added value and competitiveness. In particular, associated with environmental and ecological protection; raising people's income in rural areas; ensuring food security and national defense security... To realize this goal, many solutions have been implementing and many solutions will be promulgated to promote agricultural sector development in an advanced direction, applying high technology, and clean agriculture, organic agriculture, associated with the development of agro-processing industry, climate change adaptation, sustainable connection of agricultural value chains, ensuring harmonious benefits in terms of economy, society and ecology environment, associated with new rural construction.


   According to Mr. Nguyen Duc Choi, Dien Ban agricultural development will be divided into 2 areas including: urban agriculture and non-urban agriculture. In which, urban agriculture not only plays  ensuring food role for the town's people urbanization context and climate change, but also participates in solving many ecological and environmental problems; creating a system of green landscapes, parks, urban green belts, regulation ponds, etc... contributing to improving the community's life quality, promoting the development of "ecological cities", "green cities" …

          For the non-urban areas, agricultural development is considered as one of town key tasks associated with new rural construction. Therefore, Dien Ban will promote economic restructuring, crop structure depending on the characteristics of each region and market demand. Carry out planning for high-quality rice production; planning for the development of food, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants; developing high-tech agricultural models; planning concentrated livestock production according to the farm model, biosafety standards ... At the same time, improving the activities of cooperatives to help people produce efficiently and ensure food safety and hygiene.

          In the coming years, the town will focus on exploiting and developing specialized farming areas for the production of strong agricultural goods such as: Phong Thu organic rice, West Dien Ban seed rice, and safe vegetables in Khuc Luy (Dien Minh City). Dat Quang peanut oil (Dien Quang), CP pig in the East Dien Ban region, high quality crossbred beef in Go Noi area, Ha Quang fish sauce (Dien Duong)...; connecting agricultural production with the processing industry, preserving and consuming products, aiming to build sustainable and stable centralized development models", said Mr. Choi.

          Box: Resolution on the direction and tasks in 2022 of Dien Ban Town Party Committee clearly stated that in order to well implement the Agricultural sector sustainable development project  in association with the national target program of building new rural and developing urban areas in Dien Ban town. In the coming time, the town will continue to invest in agricultural infrastructure, mobilize the participation and companionship of businesses and cooperatives to invest in production development, especially linking to organize production and consumption of products. Support and create favorable conditions to promote investment socialization of high-tech agricultural models, organic agriculture, towarding the formation of concentrated agricultural production areas. Strengthen the direction and administration of agricultural production organizations in association with doing well the prevention of diseases on plants and animals. To develop livestock production in the direction of farms and family farms in association with strict control of slaughtering activities and environmental protection; deploying investment in building a centralized slaughterhouse in the direction of modernity, ensuring environmental sanitation...

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