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Dien Ban- Another successful crop
Author: Author: Pham Loc; Transla: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 11/05/2020 .Views: 918 lượt. [Print]
In recent days, farmers in localities of Dien Ban town are focusing on harvesting winter-spring crops. Everywhere, I can feel the joy and excitement of local people when they are multiplied, because the rice and crops this year are very productive.

These days, coming to Dien Phuoc commune, we witness the farmers focusing on the field and they are urgently harvesting winter-spring rice. Although the weather is not favorable at the beginning of the season due to difficulties in irrigation, mice, pests, etc., but this is the winter-spring rice crop that is better than expectations of farmers.
Mr. Tran Cong Khoa - Vice Chairman of Dien Phuoc People's Committee Commune said that in the winter-spring crop this year, Dien Phuoc commune planted 720 hectares of all kinds of crops, including 520 hectares of rice with the main varieties HT1, JO2, VNR88. etc ... The results show that, in this crop, the rice is good, less pests. The average yield is from 70 quintals / 1 ha. Particularly, 185 hectares of rice seed production areas in the agricultural cooperatives Dien Phuoc I and Dien Phuoc II have very high productivity, averaging over 72 quintals / ha.
Along the fields in Dien Hong commune, is a key rice production area of Dien Ban town with an area of nearly 700 hectares. The golden rice fields spread as far as endless . Previously, farmers had to do soil or harvest by manual method, but now thanks to the good implementation of the land consolidation and exchange work, they create flat fields, and at the same time bring combine harvesters to collect. Machines replace human power while reducing labor for farmers and speeding up the harvest process quickly.

Mr. Le Ngoc Ba - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Dien Hong Commune said that in this crop, the local authorities instructed people to produce medium and short-term varieties such as Thien uu, HT1, Bc 15, etc. basically harvest area, average yield reached 70 ta / ha.
Leaving Dien Hong, going to Go Noi area, we also shared the happiness of farmers. If the western communes of Dien Ban have a good harvest of rice, in the area of ​​3 communes of Go Noi, the upland crops such as chilli, glutinous corn, cove bean, etc... also have a comprehensive crop. In particular, there are 1200 hectares of peanut plants, which have just been harvested, have an hight price. The average yield is estimated at more than 26 quintals / ha, 4 quintals / ha higher than the same period last year. Currently, each kilogram of dried peanuts is sold at over 31 thousand VND / 1 kg but still does not meet the market demand, because people want to squeeze oil to sell more expensive and store oil cakes as fertilizer for the later crops.
Mr. Nguyen Duc Choi - Head of Economic Division of Dien Ban Town said, in this winter-spring crop, the whole town cultivated over 10 thousand hectares, of which the area of rice is 5600 hectares, the rest are herbaceous plants. By this time farmers in localities in the town have basically harvested, the average yield of 65 quintals / ha. In addition, crops such as chili, peanuts, beans, corn hybrids are all harvested. All for fairly high productivity.
Another successful crop of Dien Ban, the season of prosperity and happiness, came to Dien Ban farmers. This is also an important motivation, helping farmers to raise incomes, improve the lives of rural people in Dien Ban town.

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