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Mrs Nhan does charity
Author: Author: Huyen Chi; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 04/05/2020 .Views: 817 lượt. [Print]
There was a woman who was 67 years old but still groping at the sewing machine every night. She has poor visionhurt and back hurts, but she did not want to rest and relax even though the economy was not tight. She collected and earned money just for charity, helping the poor lifes. That is Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhan who lives in Phong Thu 1 village (Dien Tho commune, Dien Ban town).

On the morning of April 24, 2020, at Mrs. Nhan's house, 2 tons of rice were divided into packages of 5 kg each to be ready in the yard for people to come to receive. The rain was getting heavier but the locals came every day, Mrs Nhan's family could not distribute in time and had to ask 6 more people to come and help. The cases that Mrs. Nhan prioritized taking rice to the streets were the elderly, the sick and the children.
She is considerate and always smiles on her lips, so there is no distance between the giver and the recipient, no one have a complex, afraid to receive rice. As for Mr. Nguyen Van Xong, Mrs. Nhan's husband kept saying, "Please don't be afraid everybody, to get rice to use if you need." Meeting someone who was familiar, Mrs Nhan told them to inform the lottery sellers. In the case of Mr. Phan Quang Chi and Mrs. Phan Thị Lan, they musted to lie in one place because of their illness, Mrs. Nhan asked someone to bring rice to their home.

Mr. Chi said, "Mr. and Mrs. Xong, Mrs. Nhan is really nice! I have been lying down because the disease for a long time, but they remembered me and asked someone to bring rice to my home”. In the place of rice distribution, Mrs. Le Thi Hau in Phong Thu 1 hamlet, Dien Tho commune said, “During the epidemic season, my family was also in difficulty, receiving 5 kg of rice I was very happy, Mrs. Nhan's heart is so precious!”. The rice was given to sick veterans, and she set aside a corner to take advantage of and brought it to their families. In the morning, 2 tons of rice were gone. Nhan said that she was preparing to buy bags and buy rice to give to her people in the next round.
On April 24, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan - Chairwoman of  Dien Tho Commune Women's Union  said: “Many locals are aware of the kindness of Mrs. Nhan and Mr. Xong. Hearing cases of illness, her family visited and assisted. During the time of the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic, she made nearly 1,000 masks for people in the commune. She sewed in large numbers alone, so there were days when she stayed up until 3 in the morning to make up for it. When she was young, taking on the role of the leader of Phong Thu 1 hamlet women, she put the leading movement in all movement activities of the commune, being the first to give birth to the women's study encouragement chapter, motivating to reward difficult students to overcome difficulties and to achieve high results in their studies”.
Doing many meaningful things, the whole family went along with the good direction but Mrs. Nhan always thought that those things were nothing great, anyone could do that. The four daughters have famlily, the cost of food and living of the couple is not much, so they want to help the more difficult people.

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