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The spirit of "Anti-epidemic like fighting against the enemy" of Dien Ban Youth.
Author: Author: Thanh Nhan; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 22/04/2020 .Views: 879 lượt. [Print]
Right from the first days of fighting against epidemic, the Dien Ban Town Youth Union has changed the way of organizing programs and activities of the Youth Union in accordance with the time that the whole Party, the whole army and the entire people tried to prevent and fight the Covid-19 epidemic. Many innovation and creativity activities have been recognized by leaders of all levels, as well as the positive response of all officials and youth union members in the town.

Fierce at the Town level

The Youth union focused on directing and propagating among officials, union members and young people about the harms as well as the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease, changing the way and the form of activities of the Union.
Firstly, the “Sweet Valentine” program on the Valentine's Day was held for exchanging with young couples in the fields of Public Security, Health and Youth Union officials, propagating among youth union members about the Government's Decree 100; Propagandizing drug prevention and especially more specifically propagating ways to prevent the disease of Corona  Covid-19).This Program was broadcasted live on social networking website facebook and has been crowded with officials, Youth union members approach and respond.
Directing the Youth Union - Team for strengthen the propaganda on prevention and control of Covid-19 disease on social networking sites, especially facebook. Sharing official information of the Government, the Ministry of Health, the Central Youth Union, ... and photos guiding disease prevention as well as some reassuring public slogans about misinformation.

Sewing more than 5,000 antibacterial masks to distribute to union members and children; At the same time, donating 500 medical masks to small businesses in Vinh Dien market; Organizing 2 campaigns to clean up the isolation area; Directing grassroots Youth Union to organize the mobilization of volunteer forces to take part in the task in stations for control and prevention in the town; mobilizing resources from the community, supporting, motivating and giving gifts, antibacterial masks, gloves and necessary supplies for volunteers on duty.
Organizing visits, giving gifts to the lonely elderly and lottery sellers in disadvantaged areas in the town with the spirit of "leaving no one behind"; Organizing the program "Open arms - knock up Covid" by medical examination, free medicine delivery and gifts for 05 households of the elderly, policy families, young people with disabilities, difficult family; 
Responsible participations at the grassroots level
Many Youth Union facilities in the town have simultaneously organized activities to prevent and fight against Covid-19 diseases under the direction of the Youth Union. In many different forms, each Youth Union has practical appropriate effective activities in the propagation and prevention of epidemics, such as: Organizing propaganda to people, traders, small traders in markets and trading points to understand and strictly implement the "social isolation" under the Prime Minister's Directive 16 by mobile vehicles on main roads in the local.
Propagating how to prevent and control diseases on facebook of each unit, build newsletters, videos with unique content, suitable to the tastes of young people like the dance video "Ghen co Vy", guide the washing hands and posting on the social network facebook of “Youth Dien Ngoc”; The videos have been shared and performed well by all youth union members.
          Conducting sewing on 3,000 masks to prevent epidemics and more than 10,000 masks to give free to volunteers in the stations for control and prevention in markets, business areas, etc. Effectively supporting members who work the task in the stations for control and prevention at the traffic points in and out of Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province...
          With the unanimity, volunteering, creativity and the responsible participation of all officials, members, youths of Dien Ban town have created a great strength to gether with society repel the epidemic disease Covid-19, bringing peace to the homeland and the country.

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