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Online briefing on the prevention of Covid-19 diseases
Author: Author: Pham Loc; Trans: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 17/04/2020 .Views: 666 lượt. [Print]
On the morning of April 14, 2020, the Town People's Committee held an online briefing meeting with localities on disease prevention of Covitd-19.

Presiding over the meeting were Mr. Tran Uc - Deputy Secretary of Town Party Committee - Chairman of the Town People's Committee and members of the town's Covid-19 disease prevention steering committee.
The report at the meeting stated: Deploying the prevention and control of Covid-19, the Steering Committee of town epidemic actively initiated and promptly implemented the prevention and control of Covid-19 in the Town under the direction of superiors. Two     key anti-epidemic prevention and control teams have been established in in the area, two concentrated isolation facilities have been established; From town to grassroots level, interdisciplinary inspection teams have been set up to check the compliance with the implementation of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control documents.

Along with the promotion of information and propaganda, functional agencies from the town to grassroots level have checked, recorded and issued administrative sanctions for 26 cases of violations, and fines with money 117 million 500 thousand dong. In particular, a penalty was imposed in Bao An village, Dien Quang commune to spread false information about Covid-19, with a fine of 10 million VND. In addition, sectors and unions from towns to grassroots have also done well in coordinating and implementing the prevention of Covid-19.
After listening to the opinions of sectors and localities about the prevention of Covid-19 in recent years. Concluding the meeting, Chairman of the Town People's Committee Tran Uc recognized and praised the results that the Steering Committee for Covid-19 disease prevention from the town to grassroots level had focused on implementing in recent years. Thank to the mass organizations and people of the whole town for their unanimous cooperation together with the political system in the effective implementation of disease prevention measures during the past time. In the coming time, the situation of Covitd-19 epidemic was still complicated.
Therefore, the Chairman of the Town People's Committee asked the Steering Committee for prevention and control of Covitd-19 epidemic from the town to the grassroots level to focus on a number of issues, namely: Continuing to enhance the responsibility of the head in prevention, fighting against epidemics, raising vigilance and drastically implementing measures to prevent and control epidemic Covitd -19, not to be neglected and subjective. Strictly follow the instructions of the Prime Minister, documents of the National Steering Committee, the Ministry of Health, central and provincial agencies and Dien Ban town.
The inspection teams and interdisciplinary inspection teams of the town will strengthen the inspection and observance of documents on Covitd-19 disease prevention in the town, strictly handle violations. Continue to carry out the propaganda about the disease situation so that people are not subjective, not confused and worried. Continue to implement all people health declaring in the town. Reviewing the situation of citizens coming to Dien Ban from epidemic areas to promptly implement measures to prevent and control Covitd-19, avoiding spreading to the community. Reviewing the subjects who are in support of difficulties and unemployment during the time of preventing and fighting against Covitd-19 in accordance with the provisions of their superiors ...

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