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Formal information about the situation of citizens from Vinh Phuc to Dien Thang Bac commune
Author: Author: Nguyen Duc Phong; Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 19/02/2020 .Views: 773 lượt. [Print]
Dien Ban Town People's Committee received the Report No. 01 / BC-TTYT dated February 13, 2019 of Dien Thang Bac Health Station and Dien Thang Bac Commune People's Committee on citizens from Vinh Phuc Province to Dien Thang Bac commune for staying. At the same time, through reviewing Report No. 73 / BC-TTYT dated February 15, 2020 on the situation of workers from Vinh Phuc who temporarily reside in Dien Thang Bac commune of Dien Ban Medical Center, People's Committee of Dien Ban Town provides information on some relevant contents as follows:

Through investigations and surveys, there are 4 citizens from Vinh Phuc to temporary residence in Dien Thang Bac, including: Mr. Nguyen Dai Quan - born in 1984, hometown of Tu Yen commune, Song Lo district; Mr. Luu Duc An - born in 1986, hometown of Truc De commune, Lap Thanh district; Mr. Nguyen Khanh Toan - born in 1987, hometown of Dong Ich commune, Lap Thanh district; Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan - born in 1987, hometown of Dong Ich commune, Lap Thanh district. These citizens are not in epidemiological area of ​​Vinh Phuc province. During the 14 days prior to temporary residence in Dien Thang Bac commune, citizens in Lap Thach and Song Lo district of Vinh Phuc province did not go to Son Loi commune in Binh Xuyen district (an area with outbreak in Vinh Phuc province) and these communes are over 50km from Binh Xuyen district. Currently,  these citizens's health is normal, there is no manifestation of fever, cough, shortness of breath.

According to the Decision No. 343 / QD-BYT on "Provisional guidance on surveillance and prevention and fight against the diseases of acute respiratory infections caused by new strain of Corona virus (nCoV)" and Decision No. 345 / QD-BYT on "Instructions on health isolatin at home, a place of residence to prevent infection spread caused by a new strain of the Corona virus (nCoV) ”, these citizens are not a case of illness, close contact and other related, as a result, these citizens are not subject to isolation.
However, health workers at the Town Medical Center and Commune Health Station still conduct body temperature measurement and advise citizens to monitor daily temperature and guide preventive measures such as personal hygiene,  wash their hands often with soap, wear mask when going out, avoid contact with crowded places and monitor their health, if any manifestations as: fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties go to the nearest medical facility immediately to do medical examination. Citizens voluntarily cooperate with the health sector in disease prevention.
Dien Ban Town People's Committee has assigned the Town Medical Center, the Town Health Department to coordinate with the localities to send health workers to monitor and supervise the health situation for the above citizens.
Currently, on the social network, there is a report of the Medical Station of Dien Thang Bac Commune on the number of people going from Vinh Phuc to Dien Thang Bac commune. Dien Ban Town People's Committee has checked and officially informed to officials and people to know and avoid bewilderment about the situation of Covid-19 epidemic in the area. At the same time, the Town Police has also been requested to coordinate with branches and localities to inspect and handle cases of incorrect information on the epidemic situation in the locality according to regulations.

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