Dien Ban - Proactively preventing acute pneumonia caused by new strain of corona virus
Author: Author: Thu Hang;Transl: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 18/02/2020 .Views: 933 lượt.
At the complicated situation of acute respiratory diseases caused by new strain of Corona virus, last time, Dien Ban town actively implemented many coping measures to prevent and control diseases.

To proactively cope with the disease, Dien Ban Town has established a steering committee; develop a disease prevention plan in the town according to each specific plan. On that basis, right after Canh Ty New Year, Dien Ban Town Health Center focused on spraying disinfectant chemicals in all schools from kindergartens to colleges and universities in the town as well as market areas, hospitals, 20 health stations and public places. In addition, the Center has also prepared conditions for equipment and disinfectants at other locations when required.
Mr. Nguyen Xuan Ha, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Dien Ban Town added: Implementing the direction of the Central, the People's Committee of Quang Nam Province, Dien Ban Town has focused on the prevention and control of acute pneumonia diseased caused by new strain of Corona virus. In which, the focus is on information, propaganda, accuracy and timeliness of the epidemic situation, avoiding causing confusion and worry among the people. Strengthen inspection and control of the market of hoarding of goods and medical supplies for epidemic prevention and control ... ”

Along with the task of disinfection, environmental sanitation, the information and propaganda is focused to the people to know how to prevent the epidemic. The Town Center for culture, sports and broadcasting has printed more than 62,000 leaflets about the disease to distribute to the whole people in the town, and to build propaganda banderol, banners, slogan for widespread propaganda among the people. Communes and wards have also implemented many activities such as giving free masks to every family to propagate and prevent acute pneumonia caused by new strain of Corona virus.
In Dien Ngoc Ward, Dien Ban Town, implementing the prevention and control of Corona virus, Ward People's Committee focuses on information and propaganda to each residential area. Dien Ngoc organized spraying and disinfection for 39 preschools and private groups of children in the area.
The Women's Union and mass organizations in blocks organized propaganda, distributing 3,000 free masks, 5,500 leaflets to households. At the same time, Dien Ngoc Ward People's Committee  propagandized the people so that people would know how to prevent the disease, understand the disease correctly, and calmly handle if there will be an epidemic situation.
At Quang Nam Regional General Hospital, the local disease prevention plan is also in place and ready to receive and treat patients when a situation occurs in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health.
Mr. Nguyen Tai, Director of Quang Nam Regional General Hospital said: “The equipment, machines and the quarantine area are well prepared. Currently, in addition to preparing machinery and equipment for the implementation of epidemic prevention under the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, Dien Ban Town People's Committee, the hospital also focuses on information and propaganda,  taining for medical staff in the hospital to guide how to prevent, quarantine and control transmitted infections for all hospital health workers. ”
By many practical measures, all levels and branches of Dien Ban Town have been making drastic efforts to actively take measures to cope with the situation of acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus.