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Retired teachers with red scarfs
Author: Author: Thanh Tam - Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 29/11/2019 .Views: 595 lượt. [Print]
Vietnamese Teachers' Day is an opportunity for each of us to honor and appreciate those who "sow words", day and night, the teachers were on the lesson plan page to foster the knowledge and soul for generations of students. But there is a team of teachers, their work is very special, that is the teacher in charge of the Ho Chi Minh Pioneering Youth Team, many of whom are silver-headed, even retiring with a red scarf on shoulder.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa - Teacher in charge of the Ngo Quyen Primary School Team (Dien Tho Commune) is one of the teachers in charge of the Team in Dien Ban Town who has been with this job for many years. This year, he is 55 years old. In 32 years as a teacher, he has 30 years as a teacher in charge of the Team. Nowadays, many teachers are rejoicing towards the teacher's day, he is no exception, but his joy is shown in an other way. He still trains students in the musical performances, creates scripts, programs to prepare for the program to celebrate the Vietnam Teachers' Day. This year, he is happier because at this ceremony, the Ngo Quyen Primary School Team received the emulation flag leading in the Team work of Primary school in Dien Ban Town.
Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa said: “The Teacher in charge of the Team now faces many difficulties, time for the work of the Team is not in the schedule. Primary students attend 9 classes in a week so it is difficult to organize the activities of the Team. Moreover, the teacher in charge of the Team still has to participate in teaching, so it must also be complete with lesson plans, exercises, lectures and so on. The task of the Team is getting highter and more important for each school, so the Team general charge teacher has a lot of pressure ”.

In just over 1 month, Mr. Pham Ngoc Ca - Teacher of the General Team of Huynh Thuc Khang Primary School (Dien Hong Commune) will retire. For 30 years as a teacher in charge of the Team, he could not hide his emotions when talking about memories of the profession. Recalling the first days when choosing a career as a teacher, working in Dong Giang and Tay Giang district, the monthly salary was only enough to buy a bag of fertilizer, he had even thought he must give up, but with the love of the job, he had overcome difficulties to follow this job. And until now, he has not remembered how many typical members have been trained and educated life skills by him.
Sharing the feeling with Mr. Pham Ngoc Ca, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dieu Hong - Teacher in charge of the Tran Quoc Toan Primary School Team (Dien Minh Commune) was also excited with many mixed feelings to welcome the 20/11 Anniversary. As a teacher with nearly 30 years as a teacher in charge of the Team, she will be early retire this December.   She shared her great joy that she has just received the certificate of merit from Quang Nam Provincial Youth Union for her outstanding achievements in the work of the Team and the Youth Movement.
It can be said that in Dien Ban Town, retired teachers with red scarves are not uncommon, and most of the teachers are dedicated, devoted and have especially passion. They have constantly innovated in the work of the Team. Noting about the contributions of the old teachers working for the Team, Mrs. Dang Thi Bao Trinh - Secretary of the Town Youth Union , President of the Dien Ban Town Team Council shared, “the Town Youth Union and Dien Ban Town Team Council are very grateful to receive contributions from teachers in charge of the Team, especially teachers who have been involved in the Team for many years. There have been many new ideas, good practices from teams which have teachers  in charge of the Team. They has inspired to the younger teachers".
Teaching is the most noble profession of all noble professions, teachers are like those who sow seeds. Including teachers who are in charge of the Team who directly sow the seeds of the soul. Along with teaching literacy and knowledge of most teachers, the contingent of teachers working on the Team are the ones who foster morality, help shape the personality of life, in order to every boat carrying comprehensive students will take be docked.

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