Positive effect from repairing hot electricity.
Author: Author: Ngoc Hung - Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 29/11/2019 .Views: 560 lượt.
With the goal of increasing labor productivity, preventing incidents, reducing power loss, over the past time, Dien Ban Electricity has coordinated and maintained hot-electricity repair activities.

Dien Ban Electricity combined with The hot electricity repairing team of Quang Nam Electricity Service Enterprise has brought remarkable results such as: Reducing power cut-off time, supplying electricity continuously to people and enterprises in the district, improving customer service quality as well as satisfying customer satisfaction, meeting inspection and maintenance needs, maintenaning, replacing, and connecting of equipment without having to cut off the power, ensuring the reliability index of power supply, well fulfilling production and business targets.

Mr. Nguyen Quang San - Electricity Director of Dien Ban said: We feel more clearly the effectiveness of this model. Repairing electricity without cutting electricity has contributed to minimize the effects and damage caused by electricity incidents to businesses and customers of electricity consumption and the people's lives, thereby also improving the reliability in power supply, better customer service every day.
Hot electric repair is an advanced technology used in many developed countries over the world. The deployment of this technology by the Central Power Company  will contribute to improving the quality of electricity supply, without interrupting electricity supply during daily life and production, especially in important regions and events.
Although The hot repair teams has just deployed, the fact has shown that this technology is making an important contribution to improving the quality of operation of Quang Nam Power Company. First of all, improving the quality of power supply, not interrupting the production, daily life, and serving customers better and better.