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The effect of planting herbaceous plants in Binh Ninh block (Dien Nam Bac ward)
Author: Traslator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 29/11/2019 .Views: 751 lượt. [Print]
Walking around Binh Ninh block, Dien Nam Bac ward (Dien Ban town), we easily caught sight of the lush green vegetable gardens surrounding the solid high-rise buildings of the households here. Mr. Pham Phu Quoc - Vice Chairman of the Ward Farmer Association said that more than 90% of the farmer's members of the block are cultivating crops at least a few dozen square meters to ensure food for their families. There are many households having a few "sao" of land. Farmers developing economy, raising children to study, building spacious houses are no longer rare here.

Coming to the land of more than 10,000 square meters planted with all kinds of vegetables such as cabbage, coriander, cilantro, amaranth, ...  and the green color are thick and interminable. They are watered,  fertilized. The farmers are harvesting, bundling vegetables, weeding, everyone laughing happily with an atmosphere of excitement and joy. It is known that this land has many production households, in which many farmers work together to produce and ensure the output of the product.
Taking advantage of the hot, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cu is busy weather, raking grass, getting in line to prepare for the next vegetable crop. With the lively sound of a farmer, he said that he planted a total of 6 "sao" of herbaceous plants , 5 "sao" of rice, only crops, each "sao" after deducting expenses, the old couple also earn 3-4 million per month. Heard so but in fact he still has a lot of free time, because the long-term cultivation has become a routine, automatic sprinkler system and careful preparation of land before planting, so the farmers also do not take much effort. They just hope the weather is favorable, every day has income. In order to grow vegetables year-round with high yield, he revealed the secret: “To have good vegetables, less pests, besides selecting varieties, watering, the important is the soil preparation stage after each harvest. We must clean grass, spread lime to kill pathogens, grind "banh dau" and mix with quail manure to fertilize, then line up and sow ”.

The most vegetable here is cabbage. When the highest price is 150-160,000 VND per dozen. Traders come to the place of purchasing and it is not enough to sell. Mainly traders in Da Nang, get vegetables to supply to wholesale markets, sometimes traders drive trucks to take follow fill orders, people keep bundles of vegetables ready, traders come to transport and pay. So they don't worry about the output.
The most worry now that people want to be soon supported by the locality is the electricity source for production. Mr. Cu said: “People here want to be supported to pull power lines to the vegetable growing area, in order to facilitate watering. At the same time, having separate electricity meters for each household to easily manage power consumption. Currently, people have to pull electricity from a distance, more households use one electricity meter while the different cultivated areas are difficult to manage ”.
Thanks to growing vegetables, many farming households in Binh Ninh block not only escape poverty but become good business farmers at all levels, greatly contributing to the socio-economic development of the locality. Allong to orientation of the ward in the future, Mr. Truong Minh Tuan - Chairman of Dien Nam Bac Farmers Association said: “The ward has a policy that will work with related sectors to carry out the electricity pulling for production of the people according to the legitimate aspirations of the people. At the same time, it is necessary to replicate production cooperation models to ensure the output and price of products. Ward Farmers' Association will look for richer consumption markets such as supermarkets and clean vegetable shops to help farmers increase product value. I want people to strictly abide by safe vegetable production processes, gradually build a brand and ensure sustainable production ”.
Currently, the conversion of crops, from inefficient crops to high-yield ones, suitable for market demand like farmers in Binh Ninh block is a right direction. Besides, the farmers need to combine production experience with science and technology to bringing high efficiency. Farmers need to follow biological and safe production methods in order to the output of products will be plentiful and stable.

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