A typical member of the women's union doing good business
Author: Thi Nguyet - Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 05/07/2019 .Views: 892 lượt.
In response to the the movement of women actively learning, creative labor, building a prosperous and happy family, over the years, the whole province has had many rural women rise up to do good business. They have become typical member in economic development. Ms. Nguyen Thi Chin - born in 1970, in Bo Mung 1 hamlet, Dien Thang Bac commune, Thi Ban town is one of them.

Coming from a purely agricultural family, when she built a family and gave birth to a child, Mrs. Chin and her husband always worked hard, but still did not escape difficulties. Her husband is a small construction contractor, due to grasping the needs of construction work, he and his wife devised the production of tools to serve the pouring concrete in construction.  

At first, the business was difficult because there were few capital and no customers, after a while of searching the market and seeing the need in construction more and more her husband and wife decided to expand production. business. Thanks to diligence, hard work and reputable business, always ensure the quality of goods, affordable so the business hasgrown. The product of her workshop is mainly provided for foreign construction works, the price of each department is about VND 300 / bureau. Average annual deduction of expenses, she collected hundreds of millions of interest. Now, her family has built a spacious, fully-equipped to support the children to study well, her first son is currently working for a real estate company in Da Nang, the youngest son is currently a student of Nguyen Khuyen High School.

Not only thinking about finding ways to create jobs and increase income, improve the life for her family, but every year she helped and created 10 jobs for local people. Most workers in her workshop are women members, the income of each worker ranges from 3.5 million to 4 million / month. In addition, she also increased her production, cultivation and husbandry to ensure her life.

Not only doing good economy, Mrs. Chin also actively participated in activities of village movement, mobilized women members in the group to participate in emulation movements to build a happy and prosperous family. Her husband and her two children are also athletes of the village, contributing to the sports movement and other movements in the locality.