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Development of educational tourism in Dien Ban
Author: Thuy Van - Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 20/05/2019 .Views: 592 lượt. [Print]
For nearly 10 years, visitors often visit Dien Ban to learn about cultural and historical celebrities through relics and attractions such as: Dien Ban Museum , Memorial House of Vietnamese Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Thu, Memorial House of heroes martyr Nguyen Van Troi, Memorial of Hoang Dieu and The grave of Hoang Dieu ... in Dien Ban town.

On average, each year Dien Ban attracts nearly 30,000 visitors. Most visitors are students and veterans. The number of visitors in each group is quite large, about 100-300  focusing on primary, secondary and high school levels, sometimes with children in preschools and about 50-100 veterans / turn. Time to visit often focuses on traditional holidays of the country. Visiting groups who are students contribute to the effective exploitation of cultural values, traditional revolutionary history, studious spirit ... from the relics of Dien Ban.


   Although the organization of visiting visitors at the Museum House and the monuments has been interested for many years, this work still faces some certain difficulties. The relics have not been preserved, renovated scale, no support activities, so it is difficult to attract stable visitors. Moreover, the multidimensional relationship between the needs of the visitors and the reality of the relics base has not been connected smoothly. Dien Ban Tourism has not had any specific support for the development of educational tourism in order to maximize the advantages of the relics in the area. There are no specific products nor regularly organize events associated with activities related to celebrities, heroes and festivals in the area.

          In order to facilitate the development of this type of educational tourism, the promotion and creation of favorable conditions need further attention. Schools in the area of the town need to increase the content to visit the actual relics into the extracurricular program. The implementation of historical lessons from monuments and museums is an effective form of education, combining theory with practice, creating a good effect for students to be proactive in understanding history and culture. Since then, they have learned to respect traditional values, be more proud of local history and contribute to raising awareness and responsibility for the younger generation in preserving, preserving and promoting the cultural traditional values of Dien Ban . At that, cultural and historical relics have brought into full play their values contributing to the conservation and development.


   At the same time, it is necessary to connect cultural activities in the town, such as: Thanh Minh Festival, The Death Anniversary of the Hùng Kings, Tich Dien Festival ... or visiting, experience the production activities in Phuoc Kieu bronze casting villages, The traditional carpentry of Nguyen Van Tiep, Au Lac art wood and enjoying Cau Mong food, Phu Chiem noodles or maybe the yacht enjoying the poetic scenery along Thu Bon river ... is indispensable. Variety developing types of educational tourism is one of the factors contributing to adorn the picture of Dien Ban tourism more and more colorful, meeting the increasing demands of visitors.

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