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Dien Ban town - Achievements and development prospects
Author: Dang Huu Len - Translator: Bich Thuy .Posted date: 14/03/2019 .Views: 602 lượt. [Print]
The Year 2018 had closed and new year, 2019 - Ky Hoi has come with us bringing excitement about achievements and development prospects of Dien Ban homeland.

   Looking back on a past year, Dien Ban was in the context of many difficulties and challenges but with the consensus and efforts of both the Party, the government and the people of the town as well as the business community, Dien Ban has achieved quite comprehensive achievements in the aspects of social life.      


  Economically, it can be said to be a year of great striving and effort; increasing in both scale and growth rate. In 2018, total production value reached 23.462 billion VND; an increase of 11.5% / year compared to 2017 (the average growth rate of the first half of the term increased by 11.1%). Economic structure shifted towards increasing the share of industrial and service values; By the end of 2018, the share of industry-construction industry-service-agriculture sectors was 59.88% - 32.18% - 7.94%; The share of non-agricultural labor accounted for 82.5% of the labor structure.

          Since 2017, the town has been allocated self-balancing budget revenues and expenditures, thanks to the socio-economic development, plusing many positive collection measures, the state budget revenue in the area has increased highly compared to previous years; In 2018, domestic revenue reached VND 2,202.5 billion, an increase of 57.5% compared to 2017, exceeding 66.3% of the estimate. New urban and rural infrastructures continue to be invested and upgraded, the urban appearance has prospered; 15 villages have been recognized as a model new rural residential area. The town has well mobilized resources to invest in socio-economic infrastructure according to new urban and rural development requirements.

          Cultural, social, educational, and health fields have achieved positive results. The policy for People Who Have Contributed to National Liberation Strugglesand social security is getting better and better, people's life is raising, per capita income reaches 46.35 million VND / person, the rate of poor households decreases to 1 , 62%.

          On the field of political security and social order and safety, although there are many factors that complicate order and security, in recent years, Dien Ban continues to maintain political stabilitreatment  and social safety order. Local defense and military tasks are strengthened. The management of the authorities at all levels has seen positive changes; arranged and consolidated the organization of a number of agencies and units; received the apparatus of Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc New Urban Development Management Board to be under the management of the town; has continued to perform well the administrative reform, improve the investment environment, attract resources to promote socio-economic development of the town.


   The political system is strengthened, leadership and determination of the Party committees are effective and the effective management of the government are more and more responsive to mission requirements and contributions important part of the development of the town over the years.

          It can be said that the socio-economic development achievements are a result of high political determination, great efforts and drastic actions of the Dien Ban Party, government and people.

          However, looking back on the past half of the term, we find that Dien Ban still has limitations in socio-economic development, there are still some worries, concerns, concerns of officials and people.

          The seamy side  and competitive challenges in the process of deep international economic integration will be big difficulties and challenges; The process of urbanization requires a large amount of investment capital while the development investment resources continue to have certain difficulties. Natural disasters and climate change are unpredictable; disputes, complaints, security and order have many complex factors; The capacity, qualifications of the staff and the workforce have not been able to keep up, along with new social problems arising in the process of urban development will be major challenges for Dien Ban in the coming time .

          Therefore, in order to develop Dien Ban urban area in the right direction and ensure sustainability, we need to have a more complete, close and comprehensive identification of Dien Ban's prospects and development opportunities.

          Firstly, it can be said that the general development of the region creates favorable conditions for Dien Ban to develop. Located in the center of the most important urban axis of the Central key economic region, there is an arterial traffic system passing through such as National Highway 1A and especially "Dien Ban new urban area" with the advantage of being adjacent to 02 dynamic developing localities are Hoi An and Da Nang, this is an opportunity for Dien Ban, an urban city with different functions to attract investment resources, form    tourist area, urban areas, new residential areas ...; In addition, it is the geographical position and economic foundation along with the culture and people here that will create opportunities not only for Dien Ban but also the surrounding localities to co-ordinate strategic planning and development plans and rationally redistribute resources on the basis of synchronous investment links in socio-technical infrastructure, harmoniously develop urban areas and other economic, cultural and social sectors.

          Secondly, at present, Dien Ban has shaped a distinctive identity in urban development based on the advantages of geographical location, socio-economic infrastructure and natural landscapes; in which, focusing on combining industry, service and sustainable agricultural development, ensuring a harmonious relationship between economic growth and cultural development. Sun Group having been planning 1/2000 urban area along Vinh Dien River and asking for investment implementation in the coming years, in the near future, Dien Ban will form a eco urban area and trade services with an area of over 1,700 hectares along Vinh Dien River. That promisses to open many opportunities to raise the urban area of Dien Ban.

          Thirdly, with over 8 km of coastline, Dien Ban has many advantages to develop coastal tourism; In recent years, the infrastructure has been focused on construction investment by the province and town. The tourist areas are being formed  in Dien Duong and Dien Ngoc by domestic and international investors. This is the model of linking industrial, service and urban areas, promising to attract more and more tourists, creating jobs and income for local laborers. In addition, Dien Ban has many potentials to exploit tourism in villages, ecology, craft villages and cultural historic monuments ... opening up many prospects for tourism development to gradually become spearhead economy of the town.


   Fourthly,  in order to Dien Ban area to really develop with the potential and advantages, the town is completing the planning of Dien Ban urban space, adjusting and supplementing the planning of the new urban area of Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc, and also planning to invest in building some main traffic projects  in the area, ensuring the management of planning and articulating infrastructure for projects that are and will be invested in the area, creating more favorable conditions to attract investment as well as solve problems in the management and construction investment in order to accelerate the progress of projects, thereby contributing to perfecting the technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, ...

          Fifthly, It can be said that the most important factor in the development process is people. Leaders of the Party Committee, Dien Ban township have been trained, challenged through the reality of the local movement, enthusiastic, dynamic, creative, having the right decisions in leadership, operating and performing tasks; taking care to build the cultural, urban civilized lifestyle and people's awareness of creating a peaceful and healthy social environment are the foundation for sustainable development of Dien Ban.

          Dien Ban urban area is changing day by day, in order to receive and grasp new opportunities, opportunities, Dien Ban always adheres to the actual situation of the locality, correctly determines the development direction and objectives for each step on each field, as well as strongly promoting the potentials, advantages, endogenous power of the town. Dien Ban is gradually rising, transforming the prospects into realities of development.

          Spring brings joy, excitement and aspirations for everyone and every home.

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