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Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban toward the future
Author: Tran Uc .Posted date: 03/10/2018 .Views: 679 lượt. [Print]
Following the guideline of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, after Thanh Hoa being twinned with Quang Nam, on July 20, 1963, at the Office of the Resistance Committee in Hoang Hoa district, Hoang Hoa and Dien Ban had hold a ceremony.

This was the freshest landmark of the love affair Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban, a link connecting comrades, brothers. Such sacred feelings are always preserved by people of Dien Ban and Hoang Hoa. During the war, Hoang Hoa - Thanh Hoa was one of localities subjected to the fierce attack of the American empire. Along with Thanh Hoa province, Hoang Hoa soldiers and people bravely fighted bringing them the victory as Lach Truong, Ham Rong ... They firmly defended the rear, provided timely human resources and material strength for the front line. In Dien Ban district, with the help and assistance of Hoang Hoa, Thanh Hoa and the northern region, the army and people of Dien Ban with the Lam Son Special Forces Battalion made resounding battles in Go Nổi In the resistance period. Many people of Hoang Hoa - Thanh Hoa have forever been lying down on Dien Ban land.

After liberation of the country, in the early stages of overcoming the consequences of the war, restoring the economy, settling down of people's life to the period of renovation, construction and development, Dien Ban have received the help of Hoang Hoa. Promoting that tradition, in recent years, Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban has carried out many activities, marking a new development in the relationship between the two localites: organizating activities Celebrate 40 years, 45 years, 50 years of Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban.

With efforts of the Party, authorities and people of Dien Ban town and the help of the Party, government and people of Hoang Hoa, after more than 43 years of liberation, from a poor district people's difficult life, by 2017, the total production value of Dien Ban town reached VND 21,392 billion (2010 price), an increase of 11.5% compared to 2016; 2017 was the first year Dien Ban town self-balance budgetary revenue and budget revenue reached 1,419.6 billion VND exceeded 33% of the province's estimate, up 23.4% over the same period, average income people reached 42.19 million per person per year, the rate of poor households decreased to 2.15%; 13/13 communes reach new rural communes; The infrastructure of the commune has been invested and upgraded, such as DT609, 607 and 605, major roads through the town center, DH6.DB, DH14.DB (Phase 1), ... attracted many big investors to deploy projects in the area such as Sun Group Corporation, T & T Group ...

About Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province, in 2017, the total production value of the economy reached VND10,856 billion (compared to 2010), total budget revenue reached VND570.8 billion, exceeding 245% per capita reached 37 million VND / person / year, the rate of poor households decreased to 5.15%; 25/42 communes meet new rural standards; Socio-economic infrastructures have been invested and key transport projects have been upgraded such as: Repairing and modernizing the DH-HH.32 Hoang Thang - Hoang Luu; Luong Son Street (DH.08, Hoang Quy street - Hoang Hop - Hoang Giang; Hoang Dao - Hoang Thanh street)...

With the similarities in terms of natural, economic and social conditions, the results achieved in the development process; In the coming time, two localities will continue to focus on implementing some practical and practical contents such as: visiting, encouraging, sharing and helping poor households with difficult circumstances, especially the policy families of two units; each year Dien Ban strive to support construction of 01-02 gratitude houses, in which priority for family had people fighted in Dien Ban; At the same time, continuing to review some names of places and heroes of Hoang Hoa to name some roads in Dien Ban town, thereby propagating the traditional education between two localities.

Select models and types of tourism development with high efficiency to continue, build and develop in two localities. Organizing seminar to link tourism development between Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban, continuing to improve, develop more tourism products; linking tourism promotion activities of the two districts, especially the historical places; To consider, support, attract and encourage people in the two localities to visit, travel and learn from each other in building and developing the economy in order to strengthen the solidarity, cohesion and people of Hoang Hoa - Dien Ban deeply understand more about the historical tradition, culture, land, people of two localities.

In the field of agriculture, building new rural areas, continue to organize learning, research methods in the implementation of land consolidation, land exchange, restructuring agriculture, new rural areas, model residential areas ... on that basis, to find out methods of organizing and implementing the agrarian consolidation, new rural area most effectively. At the same time, approaching and studying projects on the application of scientific and technical advances to production. Coordinating and supporting each other to formulate models of linking consumption of agricultural products, ensuring output for products, especially agricultural products, handicrafts such as rattan and bamboo... in order to increase the production value, improve the income for the people.

In parallel with the implementation of the above activities, Dien Ban town continues to cooperate with Hoang Hoa district to exchange experiences in implementing socio- economy development planning, and regional planning as well as the promotion of procedures and attracting investment for the development of infrastructure projects, transportation, urban house and commercial development projects in the local such as: But Son City, Hai Tien urban area, Hoang Long FLC industrial cluster ... At the same time, organizing meetings to exchange and introduce the conditions, potentials, the need to attract investment between the two units to businesses, investors, especially for the business and investors who are the children of Hoang Hoa district and Dien Ban town. Dien Ban town and Hoang Hoa district to coordinate and support each other in environmental protection, implementing policies security and order and other fields in social life.

In addition to the leadership, guidance, coordination and support between the committees, the direct participation of local businesses and people plays a important role. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to carry out well the information, propaganda and support to provide related information so that businesses, investors and people in two localities can study.  Organizing activities to meet, exchange, seek investment opportunities, support experience between the two units. With the tradition has been built, the accretion, the dynamic of the party, the government and the spirit sticking paint between two units, I believe that in the future, the socio-economic development exchange between Hoang Hoa-Dien Ban will continue to have new developments, contributing to speed up the construction and development of the two localities.

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